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  • Take Care of it Now

    by Luke Daniels, NJHA Director What a tremendous week the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) had in Kansas City for the 2019 American Royal. As we journey through fall and the end of the year, you could’ve expected some cooler temperatures over the course of the week, numerous red- and white-faced cattle throughout the barn […]


  • Just be You

    by Bailey Morrell, NJHA Director I was driving up the California Coast to visit my grandparents toward the end of summer break. My mom and I were discussing what I should talk about in this very blog post. She told me, “Don’t overthink it. Just be you.” Simple words that I have been told many […]


  • Filled with Gratitude

    by Noah Benedict The maroon jacket was something I had always dreamed of being able to wear. And the people wearing those jackets were people who had always been my role models. At this year’s Junior National Hereford Expo those feelings hit me a little differently — I had decided to run for the National […]



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