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Maternal Advantage

This new female-focused program is designed to take advantage of hybrid vigor by capitalizing on Hereford genetics.



Maternal Advantage is a female program designed to take advantage of hybrid vigor by capitalizing on Hereford genetics. It has been documented that Hereford genetics maximize the value of a cow herd by leveraging its fertility, feed efficiency, profitability and docility to the producer’s advantage.

The program targets heifers only, generating females with added longevity, more docility, increased fertility and more profit per year. This program can be utilized by producers using Hereford bulls on British-based cows or Brahman-based cows in their breeding program.

Cattlemen who take advantage of the program will reap the many benefits offered by the AHA. Not only will they have added hybrid vigor in their operation, they will also have access to a sire EPD summary, added market exposure, replacement selection tools, genetic improvement tools and access to AHA resources, marketing and staff.


  • Producers must verify that eligible females are sired by registered Hereford bulls.
  • Participating bull batteries must rank in the top 50% of the breed for Baldy Maternal Index (BMI$) if used on British-based cows or the top 50% of the breed for Brahman Influence Index (BII$) if used on Brahman-based cows.
  • Both of these maternally-focused indexes are geared to identify Hereford bulls that will be profitable when used in a rotational cross with mature commercial Angus or Brahman cows.


To participate in the program, please contact Trey Befort, Director of Commercial Programs, AHA.

Trey Befort
Director of Commercial Programs

(816) 842-3757


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