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Hereford Advantage Program

An industry-changing program from the American Hereford Association and IMI Global to verify and add value to Hereford-influenced feeder cattle with superior genetics, health and management.


Program requirements

  • Source & Age verification
  • Genetic merit:
    • Minimum of 50% Hereford genetics
    • Bull battery ranking in top 50% of breed for $CHB index* (bull battery average)
    • Bull ownership transferred (all bulls)
  • Vaccination program:
    • Two rounds of vaccinations pre-weaning (minimum)**
      • 1st Round: At branding or grazing turnout
        • 5-way respiratory modified live vaccine
        • 7, 8 or 9-way clostridial
      • 2nd Round: 2-4 weeks prior to weaning
        • 5-way respiratory modified live vaccine
        • 7-way clostridial with Histophilus
  • BQA certification

*The Certified Hereford Beef Index ($CHB) is a terminal sire index that is built on a production system where Hereford bulls are used on British-cross cows with a focus on gain and end product merit.

**Recommended minimum protocol:   


  • Genetic improvement tool
    • Sire EPD and profit index ranking summary
  • Added market exposure
    • Marketing information sent to a growing number of buyers
    • Free listing on AHA listing page
  • May be bundled with other verification programs through IMI Global

How to participate

  • Click here to download and complete the enrollment form
  • Collect the following records for review and verification
    • Source & Age verification
      • Calving records showing a minimum of first and last calf born
      • Headcount support
    • Bull battery requirement verification
      • Registration numbers for all Hereford bulls
      • If AI-sired – semen proof of purchase for number of calves enrolled
    • Vaccination protocol verification
      • Proof of purchase – adequate quantity of vaccination for number of calves enrolling
      • Vaccination records – vaccinations given, headcounts and dates
    • BQA certification verification
      • Current BQA certificate (see “Resources” section for BQA certification info)
    • Additional verifications (if applicable) – contact IMI for documentation required
  • Submit form and all required records to IMI Global for review and verification
  • Once your records have been reviewed and verified, you will be contacted to complete the process and tags will be ordered at that time
  • Enrollment cost – $3.25/hd. (verification + eID tag)
  • Additional IMI Global program bundling available – contact IMI Global for pricing options


For more information, contact: Trey Befort, Director of Commercial Programs 816-842-3757 or