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The American Hereford Association is committed to advancing the breed through genetics. With one of the strongest genetic evaluations in the country, the AHA provides genetic tools that drive profit and are backed by un-compromised data and sound research.


Breed Improvement

The AHA is focused on improving the Hereford breed. Search animal EPDs and breed averages and learn more about important traits.

Recognition Programs

Dams of Distinction

The Dams of Distinction program recognizes superior cows in the breed and the cattle producers who manage them based on data submitted to the AHA.

Sire of Distinction

 The Sires of Distinction program recognizes superior Hereford bulls that sire efficient, fertile and productive females.

CHB Sires

The CHB Sires of Distinction program recognizes Hereford bulls that excel in improving carcass traits.

Gold TPR Breeders

The Gold TPR program recognizes breeders who participate in the Whole Herd Total Performance Records (TPR™) Program that creates a more accurate database and increases the value of Hereford genetics.

DNA Testing

DNA testing keeps the integrity of the American Hereford Association and the breed registry.


The AHA continually participates in industry research to advance the Hereford breed.

A group of cows in a pen observe as a tractor drives past.