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The American Hereford Association is one of the largest beef registry associations in the United States with more than 7,000 adult and junior members. Join the AHA and reap the benefits of your membership.

Benefits of being a member

The American Hereford Association (AHA), a not-for-profit organization, and its subsidiaries, including Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) LLC, Hereford Publications Inc. (HPI) offer programs and services while championing the Hereford breed and supporting education, youth, and research. AHA members enjoy meeting attendance privileges and voting rights on crucial breed and industry matters. The AHA website features the unique Hereford EPD search tool, providing comprehensive access to performance data from the latest Pan American Cattle Evaluation. MyHerd.org, a real-time online registry system, grants AHA members 24/7 access to record services with discounted rates for online registrations. Herefords, iconic in the U.S. beef industry for over 100 years, are known for their accountability, predictability, profitability, and sustainability.

• Meeting attendance and voting rights for AHA members
• Comprehensive access to Hereford EPD data
• MyHerd.org for 24/7 online registry access with discounted rates
• Herefords’ 100-year legacy of accountability, predictability, profitability, and sustainability


What does it mean to be a member?

Annual AHA recording memberships cater to individuals, farms, ranches, partnerships, or corporations, with options for adults and juniors (under 22). Adult members pay $15 in annual dues, facing a $100 service fee upon registering the first animal, supporting research and development. The fee includes a Hereford World subscription. Junior members, eligible until 22, pay $15 annual dues and a $20 service fee, covering the September Hereford World issue. Juniors enjoy adult privileges (excluding voting), discounted fees, and can apply for scholarships. New members receive a packet, and renewals can be done via MyHerd.org by mail or by contacting the records department at (816) 842-3757.

• Annual memberships for individuals, farms, ranches, partnerships, or corporations
• Adult and junior membership options
• $15 annual dues for adults, $100 service fee upon first animal registration
• $15 annual dues and a $20 service fee for junior members
• Funding research and development
• Hereford World subscription included in adult member service fee
• Junior members are eligible for all privileges of adult members (expect voting), including member rate fees for registering and transferring Hereford cattle, as well as participating in junior activities. Juniors are also given the opportunity to receive scholarships from the Hereford Youth Foundation of America.
• New member packet upon application processing

Join AHA

Date of Birth (junior membership)
Location of herd, if not same as above(adult member only):
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Electronic Registration to MyHerd.org
Hereford World Magazine(Required)
Published for progressive, profit-minded Hereford breeders and commercial cattlemen who make their living in the beef industry, the Hereford World magazine includes timely articles and editorial columns that provide readers information to help them make sound management and marketing decisions. Fees will apply for new and renewing subscribers.