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Register your animal in the AHA registry system to maintain pedigree information and performance data.

Hereford Registration 4-1-1

Members have the choice of registering as a pedigree or performance breeder.

If a registry type wasn’t declared, then you’re automatically enrolled as a pedigree breeder.

Registration tip: If your herd is comprised of animals from multiple membership accounts (family members, children, partners, etc.), it’s best to link all associated accounts to one master account. Having one master account makes it easier to submit registration and performance data as a herd. Ownership of the animals within each account will not be changed, and there’s no additional charge. Complete the relationship development form to link accounts.

Download the account relationship development form here.

1. Registry Type

Pedigree registry: Pedigree breeders can register and transfer cattle but do not maintain and report performance data to AHA. Production of expected progeny differences (EPDs) is waived on their herd.

Performance registry: Performance breeders participate in the Whole Herd Total Performance Records (TPRTM) program and are required to maintain a cow herd inventory, report calving ease and weaning information annually on the produce of every female in the inventory. EPDs are printed on the registration certificate.

2. Registration Format

Electronic: The AHA has a real-time online registration system called My Herd. Members may sign up for a free online account and register their calves electronically.

Electronic registrations receive a discount and registration information is made available in real time.

Paper: The AHA has a traditional paper registration application for members who prefer to register by postal mail. A registration application is provided in your new member packet. It’s a two sided form, with part 2 needed for submitting transfer on entry and sire- owner signature information.

If you don’t have a registration form, call AHA member service to have a form mailed to you or download one here.

3. Registration

The cost of registration is determined by the age of the calf at the time of registration.

In addition to the registration cost/head, lifetime, adult and junior memberships require an annual member service fee of $100 ($20 for junior members) in order to register an animal during the current fiscal year. The fiscal year is Sept. 1 through Aug. 31. Each paid adult member service fee generates a one-year subscription to the Hereford World magazine.

4. How to Pay

Members using MyHerd.org may pay registration fees on their MyHerd.org account with a credit card or electronic check.

Traditional paper recording members can mail a check with their registration application(s) or call the AHA member service department and pay with a credit card over the phone.

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