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Member Services

The AHA Member Services department gives you flexible options to choose what works best for your operation. Regardless if you are a performance breeder or pedigree breeder, or if you prefer online recording or traditional mailing methods, the Member Service team is available to serve you and your operation.

Join the AHA

Breeders of purebred cattle are truly making an investment in becoming seedstock producers for the beef cattle industry. Join the AHA to receive member-only benefits, keep up with current developments and shape the direction of the breed.

Member Services Information

Animal Information

Register your animal in the AHA registry book.

Herd Management Tools

Find the latest resources and tools to manage your herd here.

Whole Herd TPR™

Whole Herd TPR™ is a system of registration and performance tracking where participating breeders update their cow herd inventory annually and are charged for performance data on a per cow basis.

Resource Library

Learn more about the Hereford breed, DNA sample collection, herd management techniques and more in the AHA educational video library.


Providing members with programs and tools to do business effectively and efficiently is a priority for the AHA. The MyHerd.org system is a real-time online registry system that provides AHA members 24/7 access to the majority of registry services.

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Find a Member

Finding top-quality Hereford Genetics has never been easier. You can search for a breeder in your area, find animals that meet your specific EPD criteria or source specific genetics.