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DNA Testing

DNA testing keeps the integrity of the American Hereford Association breed registry. View DNA sample collection methods, tests and the step by step process below.

TSU Order Form

Blood Card

Tests Available

Genomic Profile – Basic DNA test includes profile, genetic abnormalities, GE-EPDs and parentage. $46.00.

Genomic Profile + MD Abnormality Test + DB Abnormality Test – Basic DNA test includes profile, genetic abnormalities, GE-EPDs and parentage paired with MD (Mandibulofacial Dysostosis) and DB (Delayed Blindness) tests. $59.00

Genomic Profile + Horn/Polled – Basic profile, genetic abnormalities, parentage (if available), GE-EPDs and horn/poll test. $62.00

Genomic Profile + Horn/Polled + MD Abnormality Test + DB Abnormality Test – Basic profile, genetic abnormalities, parentage (if available), GE-EPDs, horn/poll test, MD (Mandibulofacial Dysostosis) test and DB (Delayed Blindness) test. $75.00

MD Abnormality + DB Abnormality Combo test – Test for both Mandibulofacial Dysostosis and Delayed Blindness. $20.00

Horned/Polled test – Tests for the horned/polled gene. $30.00

Tissue Sample Unit (TSU) Credit – $4.00
Each sample that is submitted via TSU and is successfully processed at the lab will receive the above credit to the member.


DNA Testing Step by Step Process

  1. Make DNA request on MyHerd or call the AHA office.
  2. If requested on MyHerd, go to “pending transactions” and pay for DNA request.
  3. After DNA request is paid for, the DNA sample submission form is emailed or mailed to you.
  4. If emailed, open DNA sample submission form from AHA and print it.
  5. Collect DNA sample.
  6. Mail DNA sample submission form with DNA sample attached to GeneSeek.
  7. GeneSeek processes DNA, generates results and returns data to the AHA.
  8. DNA results are made available on MyHerdorg the same day, or you will receive a results statement via email.

Sample Collection

The AHA accepts hair, blood (blood cards), semen and tissue sampling units (TSU) samples.

Blood Card


Click here to see how to collect tissue samples.

Ordering Tests

There are two ways to order a DNA sample submission form. If you are a MyHerd user, you have the ability to order the test online*. Both MyHerd users and non-users can contact the AHA customer service staff at 816-842-3757 with the registration number and test request.

Go to MyHerd

Understanding Results

A results statement will be available to you via email or mail once the AHA receives results from the lab. The results will notify you if the parentage qualifies and of any abnormalities (normal or carrier). If requested, you will be able to view GE-EPD or H/P status results.

Parentage results

  • PV (parent verified)
  • SV (sire verified),
  • DV (dam verified)

Horn/Polled results

  • HH (homozygous horned)
  • PP (homozygous polled)
  • HP (heterozygous horned)

Genomic-Enhanced Expected Progeny Difference





Genetic Abnormalities