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Whole Herd TPR™

Whole Herd TPR™ is a system of registration and performance tracking whereby participating breeders update their cow herd inventory annually and are charged for performance data on a per cow basis as opposed to a per calf basis. Participation is required to have EPDs reported on your animals.

More About Whole Herd TPR™:

With this system, AHA measures economically relevant beef production traits such as fertility, longevity and reproductive efficiency. Furthermore, the greater volume of data reported from each herd will enhance the accuracy of Hereford Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs).

Participation in Whole Herd TPR™ is voluntary and breeders may choose to maintain pedigree records without recording performance information. With this option, known as Pedigree Registry, breeders will not see EPDs or other performance information printed on their registration certificates.