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Want to be a MyHerd User? Simply fill out the form below. If you are unsure of your account number or are not sure if you have an active account, use the form and make sure to include your phone number and zip code. Your request will be processed and you will receive an email with directions on how to use your new MyHerd account.


Benefits of Being a MyHerd User

What are the benefits of being a MyHerd User?

The primary benefit you will find in being a MyHerd user, is that you will have access to an online report of your herd’s EPDs for active dams and calf crops from your herd. Additionally, the association provides new, convenient services through the use of MyHerd in the future. A sample of these services include unprecedented access to the AHA animal and EPD database, download facilities for data files from your herd to use with on-farm herd management software, on-line registrations and additional on-line reports, which are automatically emailed to you as soon as they are available, preventing delays in getting the information you need.

What does being a MyHerd user offer me?

Realtime Registry Tools:

  • Register Animals
  • Transfer Ownership of Animals
  • Update & Bill Herd Inventories
  • Enter Performance Information on Calves
  • Request DNA Tests
  • Access DNA Test Results
  • Release AI Certificates to Customers
  • View Unused AI Certificates released to you
  • Opt in for Electronic Storage of Registration Certificates
  • Access Customer Information as Downloadable List, with full mailing details
  • Download Reports available on your Herd (Inventory, Performance, Accounting, Data Files for use in Herd Management Software)

Expanded Search Criteria:

  • Within Herd Searches: makes looking for animals in your herd more efficient. Search options include Active Dams by Calving Season, Calf-Crops by year and season & animals in your current ownership.

Expanded Information in Search Results:

  • Download Search Results: Easily download the information returned in search results with the click of a button. Great for taking data offline to use in your own personal spreadsheets. Easily opened in Microsoft Excel.
  • Lifetime Dam Production Summary: Access reports for females in your ownership in portable document (pdf) format which allow archiving or emailing to prospective customers or other planning purposes.

Additional Tools:

  • Saved Searches: Quickly and efficiently save a search that is used often so that you can quickly access upon a future visit to the site. Saves time identifying animals that meet your selection criteria after weekly EPD updates and also reflects options selected to be displayed in search results.
  • Animal Lists: Allows you to create lists of animals that might not have much in common but you want to access information on as a set of animals. Animal lists can be used in animal searches to help you identify specific animals that meet certain search criteria. You can also download datafiles with up to 112 data points for animals in lists.
  • Mating Predictor: Facilitates planned matings by allowing you to select sires using any of the available search criteria and then select females using any available search criteria including “from their herd inventory” or specific “calf-crops”.

Who qualifies to be a MyHerd User?

Anyone with an active member account is eligible to be a MyHerd user. If you are not sure whether you have an active member account with the AHA, fill out the form on this page.

What does it cost to be a MyHerd User?

MyHerd User access is provided as part of your membership dues The only requirements are that you are an active member (adult or junior) and that you provide the association with a valid email address that we may use to provide you important updates and other association information.

If you do not know your account number please input your phone number.

Your request will be processed between 2-3 days. After which you will receive an email providing you with directions on how to get started using your new MyHerd account.