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Search Tools

The American Hereford Association recently released dynamic search features in MyHerd to allow members and commercial producers access to a robust set of information. These updated features include downloadable search results, lifetime dam production summary, saved searches, animal lists and a mating predictor. The resources below will assist users in learning the new features and will be updated frequently.

Expanded Information in Search Results:

  • Download Search Results: Easily download the information returned in search results with the click of a button. Great for taking data offline to use in your own personal spreadsheets. Easily opened in Microsoft Excel.
  • Lifetime Dam Production Summary: Access reports for females in your ownership in portable document (pdf) format which allow archiving or emailing to prospective customers or other planning purposes

Additional Tools:

  • Saved Searches: Quickly and efficiently save a search that is used often so that you can quickly access upon a future visit to the site. Saves time identifying animals that meet your selection criteria after weekly EPD updates and also reflects options selected to be displayed in search results.
  • Animal Lists: Allows you to create lists of animals that might not have much in common but you want to access information on as a set of animals. Animal lists can be used in animal searches to help you identify specific animals that meet certain search criteria. You can also download data files with up to 112 data points for animals in lists.
  • Mating Predictor: Facilitates planned matings by allowing you to select sires using any of the available search criteria and then select females using any available search criteria including “from their herd inventory” or specific “calf-crops”.

Step by Step Tutorials

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