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Board Elections

Each year at the American Hereford Association (AHA) Annual Membership Meeting in Kansas City, Mo., voting delegates representing each state cast ballots to determine three new AHA Board members.

2024 Board of Directors Candidate Slate

The AHA nominating committee is pleased to announce the six candidates nominated for election to the AHA Board of Directors. The candidates are:

Don Brumley (Southwest region)
Orovada, Nev.

David Burns (Southeast region)
Pikeville, Tenn.

Danny Fawcett (Northwest region)
Ree Heights, S.D. 

Steve Lorenzen (Northeast region)
Chrisman, Ill.

Grant McKay (Northwest region)
Marysville, Kan.

Jim Williams (Northwest region)
Kearney, Neb.

Delegate Selection Process

A nominating committee selects a slate of board nominees. However, all active adult AHA members have the opportunity to provide input to the election process via their selection of state voting delegates. Active adult AHA members should receive information about how to nominate themselves or another active adult AHA member to serve as a voting delegate.

Take part in the board election process by nominating the active AHA member(s) from your state who will represent you in electing the next AHA board members. The process will begin April 1, 2024 when AHA will send out an email to all eligible active adult members to ask them whether they would like to participate in the election of voting delegates electronically or by traditional mail. Eligible members must respond to that email by April 22, 2024 if they wish to participate electronically. If they wish to participate by traditional mail, they do not need to respond to the email. An eligible member is any adult member that had at least one animal registered in the preceding calendar year where they were identified as the original owner of the animal.

On or before May 1, 2024 eligible members will receive information about how to nominate voting delegates. Replies will be due by May 31, 2024.

Once all nominations are received, the AHA audit company helps the AHA determine which states have more nominations than delegates allocated for that year’s election and the active adult AHA members in those states will receive ballots so they can cast their vote for who to represent them at the AHA annual meeting that year. Ballots will be sent by or before July 1, 2024 and must be returned by July 31, 2024.

States that don’t have more nominations than voting delegates allocated will not receive a ballot and the active adult members that are nominated will be deemed elected by acclimation. When available, a list of states that will not be receiving a ballot to select voting delegates will be published below.

Elected voting delegates will be contacted in early August to confirm their attendance of the AHA annual meeting which is required for them to serve as a voting delegate.

Nominating Committee Information

The AHA Board of Directors nominating committee is requesting volunteers to serve a four-year term as a director. Members are encouraged to contact representatives in their respective regions to submit nominees. This year’s nominating committee is:

Ryan (chairman) and Prairie Topp (Northwest region)
Grace City, N.D.

Chris Beck (Southwest region)
Minden, Nev.

Becky Spindle-King (Southwest region)
Moriarty, N.M.

John and Randa Starnes (Southeast region)
Fort Payne, Ala.
256-996-5559 (John)
256-996-5545 (Randa)

Tod and Sondra Brancel (Northeast region)
Endeavor, Wis.