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The Hereford World and Baldy Advantage audience is a solid core of loyal readers who don’t just read the Hereford World every month — they study it.

Benefits of Advertising

Your advertisement in the Hereford World or Baldy Advantage grants additional exposure beyond your ad. Articles and columns provide in-depth information about the beef industry. Baldy Advantage has a loyal following among commercial producers using Hereford genetics. These individuals see and respond to the advertising messages in its pages. The audience base grows each year as producers continue to realize the value of Hereford genetics. It’s a smart decision to advertise in our publications.

Advertisers’ sale dates are published in the calendar in print and online far in advance. Your sale results are posted on Herfnet.com for at least a year. Advertisers meeting the minimum requirements for field staff coverage also will have a sale report listing their top-selling lots and averages from sale day in the Hereford World and on Hereford.org.


Digital Advertising

Digital banner advertisements provide an opportunity for advertisers to gain an even larger audience. Banner ads appear on the AHA website and/or Sales Digest which is an e-newsletter.

Banner ads on the AHA website, Hereford.org, rotate throughout the site and are visible on popular pages. The ad serves as a direct link to a breeder’s website or online sale catalog that has more complete information on their operation and program.

Pricing Options

  • 1-month banner ad — $500 with appearances in eNews and/or Sales Digest
  • 2-month banner ad — $900 with appearances in eNews and/or Sales Digest
  • 1-year banner ad — $1,500 with appearances in eNews and/or Sales Digest

Banner Ad Design Specifics

  • All banner ads consist of two frames
  • Additional frames are $50 per frame
  • There is a maximum of four frames
  • All banner ads can be linked to a web site or online catalog
  • All ads will be designed in two size formats: 326 px x 110 px and 180 px x 175 px

For more information about banner advertising options, contact Caryn Vaught at cvaught@hereford.org or 816-842-3757.