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Hereford genetics maximize the value of your herd by leveraging traits such as fertility, feed efficiency, docility and feedlot profitability to your advantage. That means an additional $20,000 in revenue for a typical 400-cow outfit per year.


Hereford Marketplace

View or list Hereford-influenced feeder cattle or commercial females for sale, and take advantage of resources to locate Hereford genetics.


Hereford Advantage Program

Feeder cattle verification program geared to add value to Hereford-influenced feeder cattle with superior genetics, health and management.

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Premium Red Baldy Program

Tagging program designed to take advantage of hybrid vigor by maximizing the best traits of both Red Angus and Hereford to provide commercial producers with premium replacement females.

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Maternal Advantage Program

Program designed to identify and market replacement quality commercial females with added longevity, more docility, increased fertility and more profit per year.

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Certified Hereford Beef

Certified Hereford Beef provides marketing assistance to those who have cattle that fit the program specifications. Learn more about program requirements here.

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Baldy Advantage

Baldy Advantage replaces what were previously known as the commercial tabloid issues of Hereford World, which focused on the commercial cow-calf business. This new publication, tailored specifically for the commercial producer, represents the American Hereford Association’s (AHA) ongoing efforts to serve commercial producers more effectively. The AHA and its members have long been committed to the unmatched value of heterosis provided by disciplined, complementary crossbreeding. They also believe Hereford’s unique inherent genetic strengths make the breed an essential component to effective, efficient crossbreeding.

Crossbreeding Research

Known as the efficiency experts, the Hereford breed has been an icon of the U.S. beef industry for more than 100 years. Today the beef industry is facing more challenges than ever, and utilizing Hereford genetics in crossbreeding programs can help producers meet those challenges head on.

Black and red baldy cattle

Hereford Feedout Program

Maximize the worth of your genetics with the Hereford Feedout Program, created by the American Hereford Association (AHA) and HRC Feed Yards.