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Category: Hereford Health

Building Calf Immunity

January 21, 2022

Mucosal vaccines offer unique advantages. “The ability to prevent or, in some cases, cure disease by turning on the immune system is really an incredible opportunity,” according to Scott Nordstrom, DVM, Merck Animal Health director of new product development. Along with some insightful vaccine history, Nordstrom shared specifics about the role of mucosal immunology in […]


Growth-Promoting Implants for Suckling Calves: A Small Investment with a Big Return

May 12, 2020

by Grant Crawford One of the many decisions cow-calf producers face is whether they should implant their calves. Although there are clear advantages in weaning weight for implanted suckling calves, the use of growth-promoting implants in suckling calves is low, as data from Superior Livestock show approximately 25% of calf lots received an implant in […]