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This summer showcase provides an opportunity for competition of junior members and their cattle projects, along with plenty of events for the entire family.


Junior National Hereford Expo


2022 JNHE Lodging Information

Louisville, Kentucky

July 16-22, 2022

The National Junior Hereford Association’s (NJHA) mission is to create and promote enthusiasm for the Hereford breed while providing opportunities through education and teamwork, thus ensuring a brighter future for youth and the cattle industry

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The NJHA is an organization devoted to the development of outstanding leadership potential and motivation to seek advanced education. Striving to provide the foundation upon which interested youth can build their future in the agriculture industry, the NJHA offers various awards to its membership.

Contest Age Breaks

2021 JNHE Sponsorship Opportunities

This summer showcase provides an opportunity for competition of both junior members and their cattle projects along with plenty of events for the entire family. During the week, more than 900 Hereford youth from 40 states will unite in Kansas City at the American Royal Complex to exhibit 1,500 head of Hereford cattle and participate in leadership and educational competitions. More than 3,000 spectators will be in attendance throughout the week-long event and we are working to ensure a successful show for all in attendance. Your financial support is vital to make this annual event a highlight for families who will be traveling to Kansas City. With your valued support, the JNHE will be an unforgettable learning experience for junior members.


Ivan Blume
Red Field, S.D. 
Northwest Region

Ivan Blume, Redfield, S.D., is going to be a freshman at Kansas State University majoring in animal science with a pre-vet option, and has a goal of returning to the ranch to be an auctioneer while continuing to grow his family operation. He has held the office of vice president and president in the South Dakota State Junior Hereford Association. He would like to see a better connection between large and small operations, especially in regards to the youth of the Hereford breed.

He believes he understands this difference better than anyone, considering when his family started, they were the little guy. By continuing to push himself and make those connections, they are continuing to grow their small operation. Ivan thinks it would be a great benefit to sit down as juniors, on a basic level with people who have a depth of knowledge, and ask for insight on how to be successful and grow.

Wesley Denton
Blue Rapids, Kan.
Southwest Region

Wesley Denton, Blue Rapids, Kan., will be a sophomore at Kansas State University majoring in animal sciences and inudustry. He has been a director for the Kansas Junior Hereford Association since 2017 along with multiple FFA and 4-H offices. He plans to serve the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) with integrity, leadership and a hard-working hand if elected, while continuing to strive to be a selfless leader.

He believes the the strength in an organization like the NJHA is the ability to grow connections across age groups. He has led clipping, fitting and showmanship clinics as well as individual mentorship, and would like to expand on this one-on-one approach if elected to the NJHA Junior Board of Directors.

Lauren Jones
Darlington, Wis.
Northeast Region

Lauren Jones, Darlington, Wis., is going to be a freshman at Oklahoma State University double majoring in animal science and agriculture communications. One of her long-term goals is to help cattlemen effectively market their animals and end-products. Her campaign platform is, “A passion to inspire connection, leadership and involvement.”

She believes it is important for the membership to continue to be involved in activities that provide youth with experiences that will help them succeed in the future. She wants to explore ways for the adult membership to become more involved in the junior membership, especially during the transition of those graduating from junior membership and joining the adult association.

Michaela Marion
W Terre Haute, Ind.
Northeast Region

Michaela Marion, W Terre Haute, Ind., is going to be a sophomore at Butler Community College majorining in agriculture with a minor in political sciences. She has served on the Indiana Junior Hereford Board for four years, and currently serves as the media relations chair. Even though she wasn’t born into a deeply rooted Hereford family, she says she has developed a deep passion for the breed and serving the folks in the junior association.

She believes she could be an asset to the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) in many ways, having worked with the advisors for the Indiana Junior Hereford Board of Directors and the planning of the Indiana State Preview Show, including location, set up and putting together a successful event. She credits the NJHA with shaping her into the person she is today.

Hannah Pearson
Oconto, Neb.
Northwest Region

Hannah Pearson, Oconto, Neb., is going to be a sophomore at Texas Tech University, majoring in agriculture communications. She plans to promote the contests and work with the state associations to promote participation in the contests, if given the opportunity to serve on the junior board.

She believes it is important for the board to be distinguished, honest and reputable advocates of both the Hereford breed and the beef industry. She looks forward to building relationships with other members and giving back to the breed and continue to build on the “tomorrow of agriculture.” She would be honored to help grow the next genertion of leaders in the beef industry if elected as a director.

Tar Tut
Faribault, Minn.
Northwest Region

Tar Tut, Faribault, Minn., is going to be a junior at Texas A&M University majoring in agriculture communications, with an emphasis in sales and marketing and a minor in animal science. He hopes to continue and get a masters in international communications post his undergraduate. He plans to respect what has been done in the past, while also giving his insight on how to grow in the industry as a whole.

He believes it’s important to encourage all junior members to participate in as many programs as possible, to promote a well-rounded individual in the breed as well as the beef industry. He wants to be a leader for juniors in the organization and a positive light to lead them to the top.



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