Tom Dashiell

February 20, 2017

Tom Dashiell and his wife, Ardis, made great contributions to the Hereford industry through their highly sought-after genetics. Tom’s Mark Donald cow herd produced one of the most influential bulls in the industry: DH Beau Mark Dhu 326. Dashiell Herefords, Eltopia, Wash., started in 1945 with the purchase of one purebred cow at the Northwest Hereford Breeders sale in Spokane, Wash. More and more cows were added including 10 foundation females of Old Line Beau Donald breeding. In 1959 the herd was sold at private treaty except the yearling heifers. From only 21 heifers, the herd grew again until 1968, when Tom’s illness forced a sale of all but the yearling heifers again. Dashiells grew their herd once again and in 1979 sold the entire cow herd. Dashiell Herefords tested cattle in the Total Performance Records carcass and feedlot evaluations, proving that their genetics for marbling and other carcass traits were of the best in the country. It was during this time that DH Beau Mark Dhu 326 was produced. “326” was sold in 1968 for $7,000 at 14 years old. He sired the bull called “Sam Donald” that was the leading sire of Jack Williams’ herd in San Angelo, Texas. Also during these dispersion sales, world-renowned Hereford operations including Colyer Herefords, Stone Hereford Ranch and TT Herefords purchased cattle, which would become cornerstones of their respective herds. Dashiell Herefords has never shown cattle, but many show points have been accumulated by buyers. Cattle bred by Dashiells have consistently graded over 90% Choice. Longtime AHA field representative Willard Wolf says he highly recommends Tom for this award. “Tom was a leader in the development of carcass information about his cattle along with the entire Hereford breed. Tom tested and produced more cattle that graded Choice than any other breeder in the U.S. during the development of carcass EPDs. Dashiell-bred cattle consistently graded Choice at the rate of 95%. Tom was a leader in the Hereford breed at producing genetics that put quality in our beef.”