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Smathers Hereford Ranch

January 26, 2022

The Smathers Hereford Ranch, Llano, Texas, was established in 1886 by James Jefferson Smathers in the heart of the Texas Hill Country in Llano County, Texas. James purchased about 500 acres shortly after he married Harriet Spinks, and he purchased his first Hereford cattle shortly after. Over the past 135 years, the ranch has passed from father to son for five generations.

The Smathers Ranch has evolved from 500 acres of raw pastureland to a highly managed, improved grasses, cultivated fields and rotational cell-grazing operation, which maximizes herd production and capacity.

Initially, Smathers Herefords was a commercial herd marketed through on-farm production sales. However, as times have changed and fifth-generation heir, Slade Smathers, showed interest in raising, exhibiting and marketing his own show cattle, production progressed into an AI/embryo system targeted for registered Hereford cattle and show calf sales.

Today, the Smathers Ranch continues to grow and evolve under Rick’s strong belief and commitment to leave things in good working order for future generations.