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Boettcher’s Brookview Acres

March 25, 2019

Clarence Boettcher, Fairchild, Wis., bought his first polled Hereford in 1967 and joined the AHA in 1968. Clarence and Maryellen were married in 1972 and have four children — Tiffany, Brandon, Garritt and Michael. All of the Boettcher children participated in 4-H, FFA and junior Hereford associations, and graduated college with degrees in agriculture. All of them still own Herefords originating from their junior projects.

The Boettcher’s mission is to produce performance cattle with eye appeal, and they strive to accomplish those goals by selecting structurally correct and functionally sound cattle with balanced expected progeny differences (EPDs) with the ability to generate profits for all segments of the beef industry