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National Western Exhibitor Announcements

National Western Exhibitor Announcements

January 3, 2019

Good afternoon Hereford exhibitors and Happy New Year! I hope this finds your Denver preparations going well. We are looking forward to a successful and jam packed Denver 2019 for the Hereford breed and have …

Good afternoon Hereford exhibitors and Happy New Year!

I hope this finds your Denver preparations going well. We are looking forward to a successful and jam packed Denver 2019 for the Hereford breed and have put together an exhibitor schedule and check list that will be helpful leading up to and once you arrive in Denver for the National Western Stock Show. Hereford breeders have more than 1,000 head entered on the Hill and more than 450 head in the Yards; with our large numbers we have made a few changes to the check in process in order to streamline it for all the exhibitors and to get the show programs turned around for the shows. Please review the following information regarding check-in and any other show details. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you in the Mile High City.


As of March 2013, all cattle moving interstate for exhibition or show events, such as the NWSS, are required to have official individual identification ear tags present in the ear. To avoid potential problems, all U.S. cattle entering the NWSS grounds will be expected to have a USDA Official ID ear tag present in the ear.

**Cattle without proper identification will have one placed at the discretion of the Colorado State Veterinarian’s office and the owner’s expense.


The Livestock Office of the NWSS want to reinforce the fact that Yards Pens are to be utilized by exhibitors that have cattle entered in Yards specific shows and are physically on the National Western grounds during their prescribed times. They have experienced situations where some exhibitors enter cattle in Yards shows just to get a pen to use for their Hill cattle. That is not the intent of the Yards show and anyone found to be in violation will have their pen taken away for the current year. They may also be restricted from entering in the Yards in future years pursuant to an evaluation by the Executive Livestock Committee of the National Western Stock Show.


If you haven’t already, please submit a farm/ranch bio to bclanton@hereford.org by January 4th. This write up will be read during the showing of your pen/carload on Friday, January 17th.


Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD):

All cattle, bison, yaks, llamas, and alpacas must be tested negative for BVD persistently infected (PI) status PRIOR to arrival at NWSS. Those without a documented negative test will not be allowed on the grounds. Pooled samples are accepted so long as individual animal identification is maintained and documented. One negative test per animal is sufficient per lifetime. Acceptable tests include immunohistochemistry (IHC), antigen-capture ELISA (ac-ELISA), polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and virus isolation (VI). Please note: BVD serology or titers are not accepted. For a list of BDVD labs please visit CLICK HERE.

Please see the Livestock Health Requirements document, which outlines the health regulations for cattle entered in the National Western. If you or your veterinarian have any questions please feel free to contact the Colorado State Vet at (303) 869-9130


For further information regarding the National Western please visit the NWSS PREMIUM BOOK.


  1. Spring and junior yearling heifers must be confirmed pregnant within 45 days of the show  by a veterinarian or a blood test.

  2. Senior bull calves, intermediate, yearling and senior bulls are required to provide a licensed veterinarians’ statement indicating the bull has been semen checked and evaluated as fertile.  Semen evaluation is to occur with 90 days of the show.

Please have these noted on your health certificate or the proper papers for these tests.  We will check these when we check in paperwork for the various Hereford shows.

The Hereford Office will be located on the 3rd floor of the Livestock Exchange Building in room 324. This is where we will be conducting check-in for the yard and hill papers on Sunday and Monday.


As of November 2015, we began stamping papers once tattoos were checked. If your paper has an AHA Tattoo Verified stamp you will only need to bring your paper to the check-in table. If you do not have a stamp, an AHA staff member will need to check your original registration papers and tattoo on your animal for you to then receive a stamp.


Only ORIGINAL REGISTRATION PAPERS will be checked. NO copies, scans or performance pedigrees will be accepted.


Sale animals for the Mile High Night sale must have a SEPARATE health paper. This is a requirement of the National Western and the veterinarian.


This year we will be accepting Herdsman of the Year votes online ONLY. Each farm/ranch that submitted entries with the National Western will receive an email with the link for voting. Each email is allowed one vote for Herdsman of the Year.


The assignment of pens, tie stalls, box stalls, sheep, swine and goat pens will be made at the time entry fees are completely paid and only to animals that arrive at the show. Space will not be assigned for animals entered that do not arrive on the grounds. Entry fees do not dictate stall space. Entry fees will not be refunded. Participants will only receive one (1) stall for every animal delivered to the Stock Show, regardless of the number of entries made. A cow-calf pair is considered as one (1) entry; but the Participant is given two (2) stall spaces for the unit. Special or specific requests for pens, stalls or tie-outs must be submitted in writing and received in the Livestock Office no later than December 1, 2018. There is no guarantee the requests can or will be honored.


Sunday, Jan 13

Monday, Jan 14

Yard Cattle Tattoo Check and Scrotal Measurements – in YOUR Pens

Tuesday, Jan. 15

Hill Cattle Check-In- in your stalls on the hill

Wednesday, Jan 16

Thursday, Jan 17


Friday, Jan 18

Saturday, Jan 19

If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself, Joe Rickabaugh or any of the AHA Field Staff.

Bailey E. Clanton
American Hereford Association
National Shows Coordinator &
Youth Activities Assistant