Junior National Hereford Expo

Rules and Regulations

2021 Health Regulations

Physical Address for health papers:
1701 American Royal Court
Kansas City, MO 64102

All animals exhibited must have a current health certificate/certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) issued within thirty (30) days before the show. The certificate must be issued from the state of origin by a licensed accredited veterinarian. The animals must be individually identified stating that they have been examined and are free of contagious and infectious disease.

Breeding Cattle:

  • Registration tattoo with papers or official ID tag
  • All livestock entering the show will be subject to examination by a show and/or State Veterinarian upon arrival and/or during the show. Any animal showing evidence of infectious, contagious, or communicable disease will be immediately withdrawn from the show, removed from the grounds, or held in quarantine at owner’s risk and expense. These animals must remain in the quarantine area while on the grounds. Failure to cooperate may result in disqualification. There will be no refund of entry other fees on animals withdrawn.
  • All cattle will be inspected at the vehicle entry gate and then will be allowed to unload. Cattle will be individually viewed by state veterinarians in their stall later. It is the responsibility of all livestock exhibitors to have their health papers checked by the state veterinarians. Papers must be checked before animals will be allowed to show.
  • Out of State Exhibitors: If a permit is necessary for your animals to enter Missouri, an accredited veterinarian needs to request the permit from the Missouri Department of Agriculture (573)751- 3377, not more than 15 days prior to arrival at the American Royal Complex. Consult your veterinarian for interpretation of the requirements below. All animals moving interstate for exhibition must be officially identified on health certificate.


  • Breeding cattle from Brucellosis-free states may enter without a Brucellosis test
  • All breeding cattle, 18 months of age and over, from Brucellosis Class A states must be tested and negative within 30 days of the show.
  • Herds that are certified for Brucellosis may enter on their herd number. The herd number and test date must be recorded on the health certificate.

All steers must be individually identified on a current health certificate which states they are free from warts and ringworm as well as infectious, contagious, and communicable disease. No Brucellosis test needed.

Tuberculosis – All breeding cattle 6 months of age or over must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Originate from a Tuberculosis-free state
  • All Michigan origin animals must be tuberculosis tested prior to entry into Missouri. Animals originating from Michigan require an entry permit.
  • Originate from a Tuberculosis-accredited free herd. The herd number and current test date must be recorded on the health certificate
  • Test negative within 60 days

Entry Information

Online entry site: herefordjuniornational.com

All steers showing at the Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) must be registered by the American Hereford Association (AHA) and out of a registered sire and dam. ALL steers must have a DNA profile on file at the AHA at the time of entry. No steer certificates will be accepted, only registration papers.

The online entry system will not work without a registration number, so please plan ahead to ensure registrations and transfers are handled in advance of the May 15 and June 10 deadlines. “PENDING” or “APPLIED FOR” will not, under any circumstances, be accepted online in the registration column or on the JNHE entry form. YOU MUST have a registration number before completing your online entry. This includes calves on the side of cows for the cow-calf pair show.

Please be sure to indicate whether your female(s) will show in the owned show, the bred-and-owned show, or both. Female(s) exhibited in both shows will require two entry fees and one bedding fee.

All entries and additional orders will be submitted through herefordjuniornational.com.

If an animal is transferred after the completion of any entry, the animal will be removed from the entries and the exhibitor will not receive the stall space or refund.

VitaFerm Sure Champ will be sponsoring one free shirt to each exhibitor; additional shirts are $20. You will be able to order meal tickets, extra t-shirts, and showmanship entries through the online system until June 10.

Barn and Tie-out Policies

Porta Cool Units WILL NOT BE allowed in the barns or in the tie out areas. It was the decision of the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) Board to no longer allow Porta Cool Units due to the space issues in the barns.

No pens or tents will be allowed in tie outs.

No need to arrive early and mark tie outs since tie outs will be pre-assigned by state and marked by state advisors. All cattle will be tied on the panels provided in the tie out area and NO INDIVIDUAL PENS will be built in tie outs. We appreciate your cooperation with this and your help ensuring everyone has adequate space in tie outs.

No generators inside the barns.

Stalling Policy

NO HEREFORD cattle, exhibitors or advisors will be allowed on the grounds and in tie outs until 6 p.m., Friday, July 10. NO CATTLE will be allowed in the barns until Saturday morning, July 11. You will be stalled by state in the barn and advisors are in charge of stalling assignments within each state. We ask that exhibitors do not set up stalls or any decorations prior to the barns being open and your state advisor assigning the stall space. The state advisors will have final say in stalling for each state, so we ask that everyone cooperate with this stalling process in order to get the week off to a good start.

ALL CATTLE EXHIBITING AT THE JNHE MUST BE STALLED WITH THE STATE THE JUNIOR EXHIBITOR IS FROM. If under special circumstances the case arises that the junior exhibitor is competing with a different state association, it must be specified at the time of entry, no exceptions.

General Rules

Exhibitor must be 7 years old and not 22 years old by January 1, 2020, and a member of the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA). Dues are $15 and must be paid prior to entry. Membership forms may be completed online through jrhereford.org

All animals must be registered with the AHA.

Each entry, except in the bred-and-owned bull show must be owned solely by the junior exhibitor(s) and in his/her recorded ownership before June 10. Siblings may jointly own animals, provided both are members of the NJHA and meet JNHE age requirements. No animal is eligible to compete if recorded in joint ownership (other than the sibling rule and bred-and-owned bull rule), and no joint ownership with farm name or family name.

Horned or de-horned animals are eligible for the horned owned breeding show; polled cattle or cattle with scurs are eligible for the polled owned breeding show. Horned and polled cow-calf pairs, steers, bred-and-owned bulls and bred-and-owned females will show together in their respective shows. Scurs, if present, must be loose and not firmly attached to the head; they must not be removed or tampered with.

EARLY BIRD ONLINE ENTRY FEE IS $40 PER ENTRY if processed by May 15th. ONLINE ENTRIES processed by June 10 are $60 per head. A onetime bedding fee per entry is $60 and this includes bedding for tie outs.

Final Entry and Ownership Deadline is June 10.  All animals must be registered and transferred prior to the June 1 entry and ownership deadline date. No late transfers or entries will be accepted. Entries with “pending” listed, as the registration number will not be accepted and entry will be refused. This includes calves showing on the sides of cows in the cow-calf pair show.

Entry fees are non-refundable.

All cattle must be in place in the barn by 5 p.m. on Saturday, July 11. All cattle must be processed by 5 p.m. on Saturday, July 11.

Original registration certificate must be presented at check-in. All animals will have tattoos checked unless the original registration paper has been stamped VERIFIED by an AHA staff member. Tattoos that are missing, illegible, altered, incorrect and/or in any other way disagree with the official AHA records will be justifiable cause for disqualification of entry. Check tattoos well before leaving for the JNHE.

Entries must meet Missouri health regulations. All animals must have an official health certificate. Refer to Missouri health requirements in the health regulations section of this page.

Exhibitor must show his/her own animals. Only exhibitors who are in attendance at the JNHE and are physically unable to show the animals due to illness or injury will be excused. In the case of extenuating circumstances, the family must come to the NJHA board and AHA Youth Director, in which case, the board of directors and AHA Youth Director have sole discretion as to whether the animal may be shown by a substitute showman. Owner may secure another junior member to show his/ her animals if excused or if exhibitor has more than one entry in the same class. It is recommended that if you have more than one animal being shown in a class you utilize a fellow junior from your own state to assist. No fellow junior may assist exhibitor in showring unless special medical circumstances are present and approved by the junior board and director of youth activities. No adult may assist a junior member or be allowed in the showring at any time.

Exhibitor must wear official show shirt in both showmanship and in the entire cattle show along with entry numbers on chest and back. Additional show shirts may be purchased for $20.

Exhibitor must follow AHA fitting rules as stated in the official Show Rules and Classifications of the AHA.

State herdsmanship (neatness, decoration, workmanship and cooperation) will be judged.

If all requirements aren’t met, the NJHA Board and Youth Director reserve the right to disqualify any entry.

All persons making entries in the show shall agree to abide by all the rules and regulations as outlined and will not hold the American Hereford Association or the 2020 Junior National Hereford Expo organizers responsible for accident, loss or injury to any person, animal or article.

No farm signs or videos may be displayed at the stalls. Family signs may be displayed if junior exhibitor(s) names are included.

There will be five showmanship divisions: pre-peewee, peewee, junior, intermediate and senior. All contestants must pre-enter by June 10. There will be no entries accepted at the show. The entry fee is $5.

Calves at the side of cow-calf pairs may show in separate heifer or bull shows, however, additional entry fees will apply. If the calf is not showing separately an additional $60 bedding fee applies.

Breeding cattle will not be weighed or measured.

The most current EPDs will be used. EPDs for all cattle will be provided to the judge for him/her to use at their discretion. Junior members will only have EPDs if they are compliant with Whole Herd TPR or purchased an animal from a Whole Herd TPR breeder. If you feel that you are not compliant with Whole Herd TPR, please call the AHA records department immediately.

Steers will be weighed at check-in. This data will be used when breaking classes and will be provided to the judge.

Steers will be exhibited by weight.

Horned and polled owned females will be shown separately, alternating at the divisions. Horned and polled bred-and-owned heifers will show together in one show, with one grand and reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female being selected. Bred-and-owned females may also enter the owned show, but must indicate this on the entry form and must pay an additional entry fee.

Due to the American Royal Complex regulations and safety of exhibitors, NO DOGS will be allowed on the grounds, in the tie outs, in the barns or in Hale Arena with the exception of service animals with proper identification.

Any animal a junior enters may be used in the team-fitting competition and/or be asked to be used in the judging contest.

When entering contests be sure to use your age as of January 1 of the current year.

At the JNHE, the exhibitor of any animal that wins competition shall, promptly after the announcement that such animal has won such competition, permit the Association to secure a DNA sample from such animal. Please see Rule 4 of Section VII of the Association rules and regulations for how DNA testing is handled.

It is a policy of the NJHA board of directors that if an animal gets loose in the showring, an exhibitor will be given two chances to regain control of said animal throughout the duration of that particular show. After the third instance exhibitor and animal will be dismissed from the showring by an NJHA board member or AHA staff member

Only Junior National Hereford Expo exhibitors are allowed to show animals in the show ring. This includes ALL special classes.

No aerosol cans are allowed in the make-ready area or the showring.


Class Break Rules

Class and division breaks will be determined after check-in. The AHA classifications for national shows will be utilized as guidelines.

Steers classes which will be split by weight.

There WILL NOT be a 2020 calf division in the OWNED female show.

If the number of entries warrant, classes will be divided.

Division breaks will be decided after all entries are processed.


Special Cow-calf Rules

Cows born prior to Aug. 1, 2018. No maximum age for cows. Calf must be her natural calf, no more than 240 days in age as of the day of the show. Calves must be born on or after November 19, 2019. There will be a bred-and-owned cow-calf class and standard cow-calf classes. Winners of the bred-and-owned and standard classes will compete for champion pair.

Polled and horned pairs will be combined in one cow-calf show.

Bred-and-owned cow-calf class – Exhibitor must be the breeder and owner of both the cow and the calf. The same cow-calf pair may not show in both the bred-and-owned and standard cow-calf classes.

Standard cow-calf classes – Exhibitor must be the breeder of the calf, and must have been the recorded owner of the cow at the time of conception.

Bull and heifer calves on cow-calf pairs are eligible to show in individual classes. They must be entered individually and pay the additional entry fee. The bred-and-owned bull show ownership rules apply to bull calves in the cow-calf show.

There will be no nurse cows allowed in the cow-calf pair show or stalled in the barns.

All calves on the side of cow-calf pairs MUST be registered and tattooed.

Bred-and-Owned Show Rules

To be eligible for the bred-and-owned show, the exhibitor(s) must have owned the entry’s dam at the time of conception and must be listed as the breeder and original owner on the registration certificate.

Bred-and-owned females calved after August 1, 2018 are eligible.

Bred-and-owned females may also show in the owned show. An additional entry fee will be charged.

Horned and polled bred-and-owned heifers will show together.

Bred-and-owned bulls calved after August 1, 2018 are eligible. There will not be a class for 2-year-old bulls.

Horned and polled bulls will show together.

Bred-and-owned bulls must have been bred by the junior member/exhibitor, but may be owned jointly with an adult/farm, provided that the junior/exhibitor is the sole breeder, original owner and is officially recorded as a current owner of that bull.

All bulls calved before January 1, 2020, must be shown with a nose lead.

Steer Rules

All steers showing at the Junior National Hereford Expo must be registered by the American Hereford Association and out of a registered sire and dam.

ALL steers must have a DNA profile on file at the AHA at the time of entry.

No steer certificates will be accepted, only registration papers.

The Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) will be using a weigh back system. The JNHE steer exhibitor must fill out and turn in this form with their steers’ declared weight. This will become the animal’s official weight. All steers will be divided into classes according to weight after check-in is finalized. The top three placing animals in each class will be weighed. No reweighs will be allowed once the animal has stepped off of the scale. There will be a 5% tolerance from the declared weight and the show day weight. All animals outside of the 5% tolerance will be disqualified.

Steer classes will be divided by weight. Classes will be determined after check-in. There will NOT be a separate prospect steer show.

Steer Weight Declare Form

Special Classes

Due to the circumstances with COVID-19, the state group of five and state group of three special classes will not be offered at the 2020 Junior National Hereford Expo.

State Groups – Two divisions of any combination of steers, heifers or bulls is acceptable. There may be only one group per state. State Advisors are responsible for entries, they can be found on the JNHE resources page.

    Large state division

    • – 25 head or more entered by state
      – Five animals from one state, owned by three or more exhibitors and representing not more than two animals per exhibitor.
    Small State Division

    • – Less than 25 head entered by state
      – Three animals from one state, owned by two or more exhibitors and representing not more than two animals per exhibitor.


Produce of Dam – Each exhibitor can enter 1 group consisting of two bred-and-owned progeny representing one dam. No steers are allowed. Enter through herefordjuniornational.com by June 15.

Premier Adult and Junior Breeder – Award points are computed from winnings in breeding animal Classes: 5 points for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for 4th, and 1 point for 5th place. Points are given only for individual classes; no points for champions or groups. The Senior Premier Breeder Award is given to the adult or farm with the top point total. The Junior Premier Breeder Award is given to the junior member with the top point total, regardless to the number exhibited. Computed the same as the National Hereford Open Shows.

Premier Exhibitor – Award points are computed from winnings in breeding animal Classes: 5 points for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for 4th, and 1 point for 5th place. Points are given only for individual classes; no points for champions or groups. The Premier Exhibitor Award is given to the junior with the top point total, regardless of the number exhibited. Computed the same as the National Hereford Open Shows.


The JNHE is a family event. Any false representation, interference or unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of any attendee will be dealt with by AHA staff according to the equities of the case. If any attendee interferes in any way with the judges or shows disrespect to them, or to the show, the JNHE may withhold any awards or take any other steps deemed desirable.