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Simpson Polled Herefords

March 25, 2019

Mike and Becky Simpson, Redfield, Iowa, got their start in the Hereford cattle business at a young age. Both had the fortune to exhibit and be around several state and national champions.

Mike was an employee of the American Polled Hereford Association (APHA). His most notable achievement was developing the National Junior Polled Heifer show and forum. While working at the APHA, he met his wife, Becky, who was a writer for APHA and the Polled Hereford World.

The Simpson herd has been developed with performance listed as top priority. The Simpsons focus on calving ease, low birth weights and high growth traits. The Simpson herd has been recognized as a Gold TPR Breeder and has had several Dams of Distinction in their bloodlines.