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Noack Herefords

January 26, 2022

Noack Herefords, Rockdale, Texas, was established in 1921 by E.H. Noack, who registered the 7- brand. When E.H.’s only son, Leon, returned home from Texas A&M, his graduation was rewarded when he was named the cow herd manager. After E.H.’s untimely death a few years later, Leon assumed full responsibility for the ranch and made it into the operation it is today. Leon spent countless hours studying pedigrees and collecting performance data. Noack Herefords was an early adopter of the Total Performance Registry Program. The operation focused on creating the ideal mama cow, improving birth weights, milking ability and longevity.

Leon spent time working as a meat grader, which taught him the value of consistently producing delicious, tender meat. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2000 and lost the battle in 2015.
Today, the family ranch consists of three separate cow herds that cooperate on genetics and marketing. Noack bulls are guaranteed to work for four years.

Noack Herefords firmly believes form follows function, and the most functional cows are also the most profitable. They have been tremendously blessed and hope to operate another 100 years.