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Mark Core

February 4, 2019

Mark Core is Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Vermeer Corporation, a global industrial and agricultural equipment company making a real impact in a progressing world. In his role, Mark oversees the company’s forage and lifecycle business units, and guides all marketing and brand activities.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Mark uses his creativity, hunger for new ideas and desire to play around in the marketing innovation sandbox to inspire a global brand, marketing and training team dedicated to deepening the company’s connection to its customers and dealers through a variety of engaging and award-winning strategies that take advantage of both traditional and emerging channels.

Mark joined Vermeer in 1996 as a manager of external training and dealer development, after starting his career at Syntex Animal Health. Since joining Vermeer, he has held numerous market-facing leadership positions.

Mark grew up on a livestock and crop farm near Pleasantville, Iowa. He graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor of science in agricultural education. His family continues the legacy in Pleasantville with Core Farms and Boyert-Core, nationally recognized purebred cattle operations. Beyond his own farming operations, Mark is passionate and actively involved in mentoring the next generation of marketing leaders in the agriculture and heavy equipment industries. He stays active in the agriculture industry through current or past council and board membership with the Agricultural Executive Council of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association and the Iowa Foundation of Agricultural Advancement. Mark also serves his local community as a member of the Pleasantville Community School District School Board.