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Kylee Deniz

February 4, 2019

Kylee Deniz is the Director of Marketing and Producer Outreach at the National Pork Board, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa.

As an agricultural communications professional, Deniz manages the development and implementation of marketing plans built by the Pork Checkoff for pork producers that demonstrates responsible pork production and fits within the pork industry’s We Care initiative. Additionally, she leads the organization-wide effort to strengthen collaboration and consistency in brand identity for pork as a food and pork as a partner in the value chain with the Pork Checkoff’s forty-one state associations. Furthermore, she leads the National Pork Board’s annual programming and interaction with the nation’s youth who show pigs and may have an interest in the swine industry as a profession.

Prior to joining the Pork Checkoff, Deniz spent over three years as an Account Manager at Lessing-Flynn Advertising. During her time at Lessing-Flynn, she worked with Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health North America, Ag Leader Technology, Vermeer Corporation and directly with the National Pork Board on the #RealPigFarming campaign. Deniz also held positions at the Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center and Oklahoma State University.

Deniz has been recognized by the American Marketing Association, National Agri-Marketing Association and Public Relations of Society of America for her work in advertising, copywriting, social media and magazine development. Most recently, she was awarded the 2019 Next Generation Agri-Marketer by the National Agri-Marketing Association.

Deniz received her associate’s degree in Agribusiness from Black Hawk College East. She then went on to pursue her Bachelors and Masters in Agricultural Communications from Oklahoma State University. She currently resides outside of Oklahoma City with her husband, Mike Deniz.