Ken Bieber

March 10, 2017

Ken Bieber operates K&B Herefords with his wife, Bonnie, in Onida, S.D. Bieber’s father, JC Bieber, started raising registered Herefords in 1945. Ken married Bonnie in 1959, and they joined in partnership with Ken’s father and brother, Jerry. In 1983 Jerry dispersed his herd, but Ken and Bonnie, along with their sons, Brooke and Kirk, and daughter, Brenda, continued under the name K&B Herefords. In 2005 Ken and Bonnie passed the reins of the operation to their sons and moved into Gettysburg. The Biebers have been using artificial insemination for more than 40 years and have been showing cattle at the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) since 1976. Through the years they’ve had numerous champions on the Hill, as well as in the pen and carload shows. K&B Herefords was honored with the South Dakota Beef Cattle Improvement Association Producer of the Year AWARD in 1992 and with the South Dakota Hereford Association Seedstock Producer of the Year Award in 2008. Bonnie was a member and officer of the South Dakota Hereford Women’s Association and served as secretary of the American Hereford Women. Ken continues to serve on the South Dakota Hereford Association board of directors. They also support the state junior association and help with fund-raisers, sales and other events. Fellow South Dakota Hereford breeder Vern Rausch says, “Ken and Bonnie have not only been leaders in the showring but also in performance testing, herd management and in DNA testing to find genetic defects within the Hereford breed. The K&B prefix has been held in high regard on pedigrees for decades.”