Gino Pedretti

February 20, 2017

Gino Pedretti, El Nido, Calif., and family are the owners and operators of Pedretti Ranches, which has been producing top-quality Hereford seedstock for decades. Gino served two terms as a director on the AHA Board. His cattle are well respected by commercial cattlemen and Hereford breeders alike. Joe Brazil of J-B Herefords in Merced, Calif., describes Pedretti as a pioneer Hereford breeder and role model for generations of cattlemen in the industry. TJ Verquer, Tom & Pat Verquer & Sons Herefords of Trinidad, Colo., praises Pedretti. “He is a hard-working, ordinary gentleman who is extraordinary in his ability to see and breed cattle, run a successful business and be a tremendous influence on his family and community. He’s a positive asset to his region and a wonderful example of dedication and influence to improving the Hereford breed.” The Pedretti program is built on economic values for commercial cattlemen. “Gino Pedretti is a breeder that anyone would be proud to emulate,” says Guy Colyer of Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, Idaho. “He has tremendous integrity, stands behind his product and has built one of the strongest, most performance-oriented herds in the nation.” Today, the Pedretti ranching family includes Gino and his wife, Mona; their son, Gino Jr.; their daughter and son-in-law, Kim and Mark St. Pierre; their daughter and son-in-law, Chris and Randal Brinlee; and their grandsons, Gino Pedretti III, and Nick Brinlee.