George Ochsner

February 20, 2017

George Ochsner is a lifetime cattleman. He and his wife, Ruby, head the Hereford operation George Ochsner and Sons along with three of their children and their families: Rod and Deb Ochsner, Blake and Chrissy Ochsner, and Steve and Dixie Roth. Their eldest daughter, Tena, and her husband, Elden, run a commercial cattle operation of their own. In 1913 George’s parents homesteaded a ranch near Torrington, Wyo. George was literally born into the operation in the family’s home in 1933. When George was only 12, his father passed away, and shortly after, his older brother left for the military, leaving George to look after the ranch, his mother and two sisters. In 1955 George married Ruby Arnold, and the next year they purchased their first registered Hereford cows. As early as 1966, George began using artificial insemination (AI) to improve his genetics and the operation continues to use AI today. As George and Ruby’s children returned home to join the operation, it grew exponentially. It now includes a feedlot, an irrigated farm and heifer development and registered cattle operations. George is an active member of the Wyoming Hereford Association and was honored with the Breeder of the Year Award at the Black Hills Stock Show in 2003. Jason Hoffman, a fellow Hereford breeder, says he truly respects George. “He lives and breathes the family ranch. I have never known a more progressive man his age,” Jason says. “He is a man that has lived the American dream, from starting with nothing to building an empire. George and Ruby are truly my heroes and are very deserving of this honor.” Dale Micheli says, “I believe George and Ruby’s most important contribution, besides cattle, is the tremendous family they have raised.”