Dale & Mary Barber

February 18, 2019

There’s a saying in the Texas Panhandle that if you wear a pair of boots there long enough to wear out the soles, you’ll never leave. This has held true for Dale and Mary Barber, owners and operators of Barber Ranch, a 114-year-old operation located in Channing, Texas. Barber Ranch’s roots trace back to a commercial horned Hereford cow herd Mary’s grandfather started in 1904. Mary’s dad replaced the commercial cows with registered ones in 1950, and the family’s vision for raising the best Hereford cattle possible has remained steadfast as the industry has evolved.

Dale grew up on a commercial Hereford ranch in the Hill Country of Texas. He graduated from veterinary school at Texas A&M University and then joined the Air Force as an officer. Dale met Mary soon after graduating vet school and they got married. Shortly after, they moved to Channing to take over the ranch.

Barber Ranch was a pioneer in blending both horned and polled genetics and producing popular pedigrees. The pedigree of the program’s most influential cow, Gabrielle, can be found throughout herds all across the U.S.

Dale and Mary are also huge supporters of the National Junior Hereford Association. Their four children, Brett, Justin, Jason and Terri, have all grown up to become leaders in the Hereford business and are still involved in the ranch in some capacity.

The Barber Ranch prefix has been on countless national champions over multiple decades. The prominence of their visionary breeding philosophy continues to be a dominant force at all competitive national sales and shows.

Good friend Lloyd Whitehead says, “I could write a book on all that has been accomplished for the Hereford breed by this couple.”