Conard and Nancy Stitzlein

February 2, 2017

The Stitzleins have been in the purebred Hereford business since 1963, but Conard’s dad bought the farm and the first Herefords in 1937. Then in 1953, Conard and Nancy purchased their place and raised commercial cattle until the early ’60s. At the time they kept their herd relatively small, as Conard was busy with a growing metals business and Nancy was shouldering most of the cattle work along with raising children. In 1977 they stepped up their Hereford game by purchasing the Mountain Meadow herd. They hired professional help and started showing on a national level. After enjoying some success, they expanded to the West, as they already had a growing market for their Ohio-raised bulls. Their second ranch is called Mohican West, located near Laurel, Mont. Although they’ve had national show success, their focus has always been developing a good, productive cow herd. Over the years, Conard and Nancy have been involved in the Hereford industry through various leadership roles. One role was that of president of the Buckeye Hereford Association (BHA). The BHA gave its wholehearted recommendation of the Stitzleins for this Hall of Fame induction. “Conard has been and continues to be a strong, positive influence on the Hereford industry,” Scott Pennell, BHA president writes. “The quality Hereford genetics that he has provided this region as well as the world have shown to help Hereford cattle regain the market share of the beef industry.” Moreover, the Stitzleins have always been huge supporters of Hereford programs. Pennell adds, “They have consigned cattle to our state sale, regional feeder calf auctions as well as hosting their own events. Conard and Nancy are great supporters of our youth and the Hereford cattle they raise.” Lou Ellen Harr of J&L Cattle Services, Jeromesville, Ohio, says that the Stitzleins have been great personal friends and friends of the breed, supporting sales and youth not only locally but across the country. “However,” Lou Ellen adds, “it’s all of the good things that Conard and his family quietly do for the breed, their community and people they are involved with that makes them such outstanding candidates for the Hereford Hall of Fame.”