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MyHerd: Revamped and Revitalized

MyHerd: Revamped and Revitalized

February 1, 2019

It’s here! You may have noticed you were not able to log in when you tried to access MyHerd. We recently launched the revamped version of MyHerd. With the revitalization, one of the major changes …

It’s here! You may have noticed you were not able to log in when you tried to access MyHerd. We recently launched the revamped version of MyHerd. With the revitalization, one of the major changes is how you log in. If you were already signed up as a MyHerd user, you should have received multiple notices from the American Hereford Association (AHA) over the past few weeks about these upcoming changes and what to expect. The last email you received should have been an invitation containing a link to sign up for the updated MyHerd.

The link in that email will take you to the log-in screen of MyHerd and prompt you to set up your new username and password. Your username will no longer be your membership number. Instead, you will use an email address. This change is an update we have made to help with security.

You will also create your own password. AHA will no longer create this for you or even have access to see your password. If ever you forget your password, there is a “Forgotten Password” link to guide you through the prompts to reset your password. If you forget or no longer have access to the email address used for the username, contact AHA Customer Service for further assistance.

If you have forgotten your password, simply type in the email address you used to sign up and click the “Forgotten Password” button.

We have made numerous changes and updates to MyHerd, but the two biggest changes are the ability to request DNA tests on multiple animals at once and the ability to transfer multiple bulls and females (bred or open) to the same buyer. If you have a group of bred females all purchased by the same person, you can now transfer all those females at the same time along with entering their service information. You can also transfer any bulls purchased by that same person at the same time as transferring the females.

You can now request testing on multiple animals at the same time instead of requesting DNA tests individually. Additionally, the program allows you to set a default test. You can make a change to one or two animals and their specific tests without having to request those animals individually. As always, DNA submission forms will not be emailed until you have paid your MyHerd transactions.

One exciting addition is the ability to invite other users to have access to your account. Once you are signed up for MyHerd, you can invite other people to your account using their email address. This option is extremely helpful for breeders who may have several different people that log into their account to enter information. This change means everyone will have individual log in information, and you won’t have to share your password with everyone. If at any time you need to remove someone you have invited as an additional user from having access to your account, you can do so from your MyHerd page, or you can contact AHA Customer Service.

Be sure to check out all these changes and updates on MyHerd on our webinar series launching in the next few weeks. If you are having trouble navigating through MyHerd, visit Hereford.org/Member-Services to view more than 20 tutorials showing you the ins and outs of MyHerd, or contact AHA Customer Service at 816-842-3757. To sign up for MyHerd, email your member number to myherd@hereford.org.

We’ve worked hard to ensure the updated platform is more efficient and as user-friendly as possible. We appreciate your patience and help with this process, and we hope you all enjoy the updated MyHerd.

Laura Loschke is the education and information service coordinator of the American Hereford Association. She can be reached at lloschke@hereford.org.

It is possible to show the transfer of a bull, one bred female, and one open female all at the same time. Notice you can have all three selected even though one female is bred and one is not.

It is now easy to select multiple animals to test all at once. You can even change the specific testing on one or two animals, if needed, before submitting the request.