Promising Profit

The demand for its Hereford feeder cattle and its cow herd’s good disposition have been the foundation of Sandrock Ranch’s success. Read More

Hereford Genetic Evaluation

Hereford’s genetic evaluation takes quantum leap forward — EPD accuracies calculated. Read More

Building a Herd Health Plan

Working with a veterinarian on herd health strategies can pay off big for producers. Read More

Proper Dosage

Cutting corners on dosage can cost big in the end for cattle producers. Read More

What’s Normal and What’s Not?

Detecting signs of illness in cattle. Read More

Enhancing Immunity

Calves getting colostrum early is critical for their performance later. Read More

Cow-Calf Cost Breakdown — Breeding Expense

Knowing breeding costs can give insight to improve profitability. Read More

The Hereford Advantage Program Identifies and Promotes High-Quality Feeder Cattle

Cattlemen can add market power and brand recognition with feeder cattle sired by a Hereford bull battery ranking in the top 50% for CHB$. Read More

Calling Hereford Photographers

AHA announces the 2018 “Hereford Shots” monthly photo contest themes. Read More

Western Nugget Hereford Show Champions Selected

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Breed Focus: Selecting Predictability

Genomically-enhanced EPDs gives cattlemen more predictability in selecting Hereford genetics. Read More

Performance Matters: NRSP Data Release from Olsen Ranch

The 2016-born calves at Olsen Ranch show strong carcass results. Read More