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Hereford Juniors Compete in Virtual National Contests

Hereford Juniors Compete in Virtual National Contests

July 29, 2020

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – More than 750 youth and their families from 37 states and Canada gathered at the 21st annual VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) in Kansas City, July 10-15, to compete in …

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – More than 750 youth and their families from 37 states and Canada gathered at the 21st annual VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) in Kansas City, July 10-15, to compete in educational and leadership events in and out of the showring.

Juniors competed in virtual skill-based contests including illustrated speaking, sales, interviewing and photography. These contests allow the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) and the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) to carry out their joint mission of leadership and education.

Contest winners are as follows:

Future Professionals

The objective of the contest is for NJHA members to create a resume based on factual work, experiences, education, etc., which they can use for future career and scholarship purposes. Resumes were judged prior to the JNHE and the top five resumes competed in an interview round.

Intermediate: Lauren Jones, Darlington, Wis.

Senior: Hannah Williams, Kearney, Neb.

Illustrated Speech

This is the final level of competition for members who have won their state competitions in illustrated speech. The National Hereford Women (NHW) sponsored the contest.

Peewee participants:

Brenlee Alber, Guide Rock, Neb.; Josie Beltz, Canton, Kan.; Chyloh Billman, Rigby, Idaho; Bryce Brancel, Endeavor, Wis.; Evlyana Burwell, Zanesville, Ohio; Cora Belle Chapman, Seneca, Ill.; Ella Crane, LaSalle, Ill.; Brinley Davis, Maple Hill, Kan.; Jensen Decker, Centralia, Mo.; Hadley Dunklau, Wayne, Neb.; Jalyn Eddy, Jewett, Ohio; Emma Helsinger, West Manchester, Ohio; Corbin Perry, Tower Hill, Ill.; Faith Perry, Onaga, Kan.; Allie Perry, Onaga, Kan.; Levi Powell, Blue Grass, Iowa; Lexi Schmidt, Blue Rapids, Kan.; Spencer Schmidt, Blue Rapids, Kan.; Trey Secratt, Tahlequah, Okla.; Ronnie Secratt, Tahlequah, Okla.; Sedona Sifford, Goldvein, Va.; Grant Waters, Norborne, Mo.; Jarrett Shane Worrell, Mason, Texas


  1. Claire Ellis, Woodson, Texas
  2. Emma Lewis, Litchfield, Ohio
  3. Dustin Denton, Blue Rapids, Kan.


  1. Kaylee Lunsford, Fort Scott, Kan.
  2. Cade Harris, Saledo, Texas
  3. Salem Sifford, Goldvein, Va.


  1. Megan Underwood, Campbellsville, Ky.
  2. Malina Lindstrom, Elm Creek, Neb.
  3. Emily Bernard, Grand Ridge, Ill.

Promotional Poster

The objective of this contest is for youth to create a poster promoting the current year’s JNHE. The promotional poster competition is sponsored by the NJHA.


  1. Emma Helsinger, West Manchester, Ohio
  2. Faith Perry, Onaga, Kan.
  3. Allie Perry, Onaga


  1. Tessa Smith, Hartford, Wis.
  2. Blake Brancel, Endeavor, Wis.
  3. Kaisha Alber, Guide Rock, Neb.

Individual Sales

Sponsored by the NJHA, individual sales allows an individual to sell a product to a panel using visual aids and salesmanship skills. A sister competition to Team Sales (cancelled for the 2020 JNHE), this contest gives juniors experience with selling an animal, semen, embryo package or any agricultural related product.


  1. Claire Collins, Frederick, Okla.
  2. Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas
  3. Emma Helsinger, West Manchester, Ohio


  1. Cade Harris, Salado, Texas
  2. Harlee Watson, Flemingsburg, Ky.
  3. Jase Beltz, Canton, Kan.


  1. Grant Helsinger, Germantown, Ohio


  1. Madison Sifford, Goldvein, Va.
  2. Malina Lindstrom, Elm Creek, Neb.

Outstanding State Junior Member

Each state with participants at the JNHE can recognize one member with this award.

  • California – Tyler Coleman
  • Colorado – Samantha Campbell
  • Illinois – Lauren McMillan
  • Indiana – Catie Musser
  • Iowa – Delaney Rife
  • Kansas – Kalli Valek
  • Kentucky – JW Cox
  • Maryland – Tucker Schmidt
  • Minnesota – Hannah Neil
  • Mississippi – Rylie Melancon
  • Missouri – Beau Anne Graves
  • Nebraska – Whitney Steckel
  • New Jersey – Caleb VanderGroef
  • North Carolina – Regan Mitchem
  • Oklahoma – KayAnn Eck
  • Oregon – Fallon Gohr
  • Pennsylvania – Ethan Howe
  • South Carolina – Harrison Hutton
  • South Dakota – Trevor Johnson
  • Texas – Madeline Braman
  • Tennessee – Ethan Hopkins
  • Virginia – Madison Sifford
  • Washington – Ryan Rogers
  • West Virginia – Mason Glascock
  • Wyoming – Saige Ward


Juniors submit photos to a panel of judges for review. The NJHA and Hereford Publications Inc. co-sponsor the photography contest.

Peewee Hereford Cattle

  1. Brinley Davis, Maple Hill, Kan.
  2. Nicholas Jones, Darlington, Wis.
  3. Cora Belle, Seneca, Ill.

Peewee Enhanced

  1. Kane Grace, Humboldt, S.D.
  2. Ella Crane, LaSalle, Ill.
  3. Weston Grace, Humboldt

Peewee People

  1. Caroline Lee, Wellington, Ill.
  2. Brenlee Alber, Guide Rock, Neb.
  3. Allie Perry, Onaga, Kan.

Junior Hereford Cattle

  1. Kade Boatman, Rockford, Ill.
  2. Kaisha Alber, Guide Rock, Neb.
  3. Kinsley Gilling, Marysville, Kan.

Junior Enhanced

  1. Nolan Lee, Wellington, Ill.
  2. Tymber Billman, Rigby, Idaho
  3. Beau Ann Graves, Chillicothe, Mo.

Junior People

  1. Dustin Denton, Blue Rapids, Kan.
  2. Kaisha Alber, Guide Rock, Neb.
  3. Jordan Mitchem, Vale, N.C.

Intermediate Hereford Cattle

  1. Ashlee DeMolles, West Bridge, Mass.
  2. Hailey Keller, Portland, Ore.
  3. Makayla Luckie, Alvarado, Texas

Intermediate Enhanced

  1. Chase Harker, Hope, Ind.
  2. Waylon Lee, Wellington, Ill.
  3. Jalyn Davis, Maple Hill, Kan.

Intermediate People

  1. Waylon Lee, Wellington, Ill.
  2. Salen Sifford, Goldvein, Va.
  3. Brittany DeMolles, West Bridgewater, Mass.

Senior Hereford Cattle

  1. Hattie Duncan, Wingate, Ind.
  2. Megan Underwood, Campbellsville, Ky.
  3. Schelby Beach, Forest, Ohio

Senior Enhanced

  1. Kelsey Decker, Pickerington, Ohio
  2. Tar Tut, Rushford, Minn.
  3. Megan Underwood, Campbellsville, Ky.

Senior People

  1. Ashton McMillen, Walnut Grove, Mo.
  2. Schelby Beach, Forest, Ohio
  3. Kelsey Decker, Pickerington, Ohio


The 2020 VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo was sponsored in part by BioZyme Inc., St. Joseph, Mo. The National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) is one of the most active junior programs in the country with more than 3,500 members. The NJHA’s mission is to create and promote enthusiasm for the breed while providing opportunities through leadership, education and teamwork. For more information about the NJHA, visit www.JrHereford.org.

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