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Hereford Juniors Compete in National Contests

Hereford Juniors Compete in National Contests

July 26, 2017

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – More than 900 youth and their families from 35 states gathered at the 18th Annual VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo in Louisville, Ky., July 15-21, to compete in educational and leadership …

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – More than 900 youth and their families from 35 states gathered at the 18th Annual VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo in Louisville, Ky., July 15-21, to compete in educational and leadership events in and out of the showring. In addition to the cattle show, juniors and adults competed in more than 20 skill-based contests including extemporaneous speaking, team sales and livestock judging.

Photos of winners may be downloaded at Hereford.org/media. Contest winners are as follows:

Illustrated Speech

This is the final level of competition for members who have won their state competitions. The National Hereford Women and National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) sponsored the illustrated speech contest.

Peewee participants:

Brayden Smith, Van Alstyne, Texas; Sarah Birdsall, Homer, N.Y.; McKenzie Boyer, Vinita, Okla.; Charlee Klink, Garden, Mich.; Brianna Hula, Creston, Neb.; Faith Benedict, Dewey, Ill.; Kennedy Rife, Columbus Junction, Iowa; Cadence Harris, Salado, Texas; Jase Beltz, Galva, Kan.; Johanna Studer, Frankfort, Kan.; Wyatt Watson, Flemingsburg, Ky.; Sheridan Soules, Sperry, Okla.; Emma Lewis, Litchfield, Ohio; Danica Davis, Maple Hill, Kan.; Nolan Lee, Wellington, Ill.; Kristin Waters, Norborne, Mo.; Aidan Knobloch, Buckingham, Ill.; Karsten Breiner, Alma, Kan.; Jordan Mitchem, Vale, N.C.; Hardy Edwards, Winterville, Ga.; Augustin Burwell, Cambridge, Ohio; Cole Dieball, Little River, Kan.; and Caden Perry, Tower Hill, Ill.


1: Rianna Chaney, Elmwood, Neb.

2: Colton Seagraves, Pocahontas, Ark.

3: Kade Boatman, Rockford, Ill.


1: Hannah Pearson, Oconto, Neb.

2: Abigail Greiman, Perry, Iowa

3: Wesley Denton, Blue Rapids, Kan.


1: Parker Cantrell, Collinsville, Okla.

2: Kendi Sayre, Arenzville, Ill.

3: Brianne Nelsen, Fredonia, Kan.

Extemporaneous Speech

The National Hereford Women and NJHA sponsored the extemporaneous speech contest.


1: Taylor Dieball, Little River, Kan.

2: Hannah Pearson, Oconto, Neb.

3: Madison Sifford, Snow Camp, N.C.


1: Parker Cantrell, Collinsville, Okla.

2: Savannah West, Channing, Texas

3: Katie Nolles, Bassett, Neb.

Promotional Poster


1: Carlisle Braman, Refugio, Texas

2: Jorja Ebert, Holt, Mo.

3: Dax Putz, Otley, Iowa

HM: Nolan Lee, Wellington, Ill.


1: Madeline Braman, Refugio, Texas

2: Rianna Chaney, Elwood, Neb.

3: Kya Rhodes, Ada, Okla.

HM: Kendall Boatman, Rockford, Ill.

Livestock Judging

Peewee individual:

1: Madelynn Baney, Navarre, Ohio

2: Adaleigh Curry, Jane Lew, W.Va.

3: Jordan Mitchem, Vale, N.C.

Peewee team:

1: Indiana – Catie Musser, Otterbein; Lilly Edwards, Marion; Elijah Redden, Bloomington; and Hadley Hendrickson, Farmland

Junior individual:

1: Mason Allan, Schulenburg, Texas

2: Mary Gullatt, Salem, Ala.

3: Wade Allen, Quincy, Ill.

Junior team:

1: Illinois – Wade Allen, Quincy; Dellana Muck, Caledonia; Paige Lemenager, Hudson; Ty Bickelhaupt, Mount Carroll.

Intermediate individual:

1: Taylor Dieball, Little River, Kan.

2: Ethan Hopkins, Winchester, Tenn.

3: Whitney Walker, Prairie Grove, Ark.

Intermediate team:

1: Tennessee – Ethan Hopkins, Winchester; Heath Quick, Brighton; Kendall Martin, Petersburg; and Mason Collins, Lewisburg

Senior individual:

1: Keayla Harr, Jeromesville, Ohio

2: Jessie Judge, Stillwater, Okla.

3: Courtney Eudy, Harrisburg, N.C.

Senior team:

1: Kansas – Brianne Nelsen, Fredonia; Emily Meinhardt, Marysville; Wyatt Durst, Morrowville; Casey Jensen, Courtland.

Open individual:

1: Kyle McMillan, Ohio, Ill.

2: Danny Davis, Maple Hill, Kan.

3: Bailey Edenburn, Penfield, Ill.

Open team:

1: Illinois – Kyle McMillan, Ohio; Bailey Edenburn, Penfield; Chad Crane, Lasalle; Tom Boatman, Rockford.

Fitting Contest

Teams of three prepare an animal for the showring.

First-place team: Wisconsin – Lauren May, Mineral Point; Lauren Jones, Darlington; Brady Jones, Darlington.

Second-place team: Texas – Mason Allan, Schulenburg; Austin Breeding, Miami; Carlisle Braman, Refugio.

Third-place team: Nebraska – Quin Rutt, Campbell; Brianna Hula, Creston; and Fletcher Larsen, Valentine.

Hereford Bowl

Teams of four were asked questions about the Hereford industry and animal science.

First-place junior team: Indiana — Logan McFatridge, Otterbein; Jayden Simpson, Roachdale; Luke Dixon, Rensselaer; and Carlee Musser, Otterbein.

First-place senior team: Oklahoma — KC Barnes, Hulbert; Hallie Barnes, Hulbert; Miranda Stotz, Skiatook; and Parker Cantrell, Collinsville.

Junior written test winner: Jayden Simpson, Roachdale, Ind.

Senior written test winner: Hallie Barnes, Hulbert, Okla.

Team Sales

Teams “sell” any product that is related to agriculture to a panel of judges by promoting the item in a creative way. This competition emphasizes the importance of communication skills, marketing technique and creative design skills in a real-life sales scenario.

First-place peewee team: Kansas – Cole Dieball, Little River; Karsten Breiner, Alma; and Jase Beltz, Galva.

Second-place peewee team: Texas – Cadence Harris, Salado; Trevor Lockhart, Bryan; and Carlisle Braman, Refugio.

Third-place peewee team: Oklahoma – Jaelyn Koontz, Thomas; Katelin Scott, Crawford; and Marlyn Pecha, Meno.

First-place junior team: Nebraska – Rianna Chaney and Sheridan Chaney, Elwood.

Second-place junior team: Oklahoma – Kylynn Scott, Crawford; Hannah Pembrook, Beggs; and Addison Koontz, Thomas.

First-place intermediate team: Indiana – Logan McFatridge, Otterbein; and Mia Edwards, Marion.

Second-place intermediate team: Kansas – Wesley Denton, Blue Rapids; Ben Jensen, Courtland; and Taylor Dieball, Little River.

Third-place intermediate team: Michigan – Lauren Gatz, Fairview; Andrew Flokstra, Hamilton; and Cole Johnston, Merrill.

Individual Sales

Individual Sales allows an individual junior to sell a product to a panel using visual aids and salesmanship skills. A sister competition to Team Sales, this contest gives the junior a glimpse at a real life situation of selling an animal, semen, embryo package or any agricultural related product.


1: Cierra Collins, Frederick, Okla.

2: Sarah Birdsall, Homer, N.Y.

3: Wyatt Watson, Flemingsburg, Ky.


1: Brady McNealy, Hope, Ind.

2: Mason Weber, Loudonville, Ohio

3: Harlee Watson, Flemingsburg, Ky.


1: Dalton Davis, Thorntown, Ind.

2: Taylor Dieball, Little River, Kan.

3: Kylie McFatridge, Otterbein, Ind.


1: Parker Cantrell, Collinsville, Okla.

2: Briana Katzenberger, Monroe, Wis.

3: Brianne Nelson, Fredonia, Kan.

Outstanding State Junior Member

Each state with participants at the JNHE can recognize one member with this award.

‐ Arkansas: Weston Crow, Morrilton

‐ Colorado: Kaden Franklin, Meeker

‐ Illinois: Emily Bernard, Grand Ridge

‐ Indiana: Samuel Lawrence, Avilla

‐ Kansas: Bailey McKay, Marysville

‐ Kentucky: Steven Green, Munfordville

‐ Maryland: Kristen Stiles, Damasacus

‐ Michigan: Ethan Brummel, Grand Ledge

‐ Minnesota: Halle Walsh, Degraff

‐ Mississippi: Rylie Melancon, Woodville

‐ Missouri: Julie Choate, Pleasant Hope

‐ Nebraska: Jackie Lewis, Burwell

‐ New England: Harrison Roberts, Williamsburg

‐ New Jersey: Chelsea Pastor, Branchville

‐ North Carolina: Melanie Fishel, Kernersville

‐ Ohio: Dylan Evoniuk, Dayton

‐ Oklahoma: Miranda Stotz, Skiatook

‐ Oregon: Sydney Downey, Turner

‐ Pennsylvania: Rylee Stockdale, Dayton

‐ Tennessee: Jordan Hopkins, Winchester

‐ Texas: Scott Chachere, Dayton

‐ Virginia: Hayley Crossman, Culpeper

‐ West Virginia: J.D. Painter, Gandeeville

‐ Wisconsin: Annah Dobson, Johnson Creek

‐ Wyoming: Sage Ward, Laramie.

Great American CHB Grill-off

The CHB (Certified Hereford Beef) Grill-off is an event in which each state assembled a team of six members and presented a recipe to a panel of judges. The purpose of the Grill-off is to promote CHB and its benefits to a healthy diet. The National Hereford Women and CHB sponsored the Great American CHB Grill-off contest.

First-place team: Kansas 3 — Cally Miller, El Dorado; Cami Miller, El Dorado; Cole Dieball, Little River; and Cady Pieper, Palco.

Second-place team: Indiana 1 – Hattie Duncan, Wingate; Kyle McFatridge, Otterbein; Emily Sennett, Waynetown; Chase Harker, Hope; Collin Deatsman, Leesburg; Zach Strueh, Zionsville.

Third-place team: Kansas 2 – Kinsley Gillig, Blue Rapids; Dakota Gillig, Blue Rapids; Dustin Denton, Blue Rapids; Callie Schmidt, Blue Rapids; and Rylie Meinhardt, Marysville.


1: Avery Brown, Hillsboro, Tenn.

2: Colton Seagraves, Pocahontas, Ark.


National Junior Hereford Association and Hereford Publications Inc. co-sponsor the photography contest.


Hereford Cattle

1: Nolan Lee, Wellington, Ill.

2: Jase Beltz, Galva, Kan.

3: Kinsley Gillig, Blue Rapids, Kan.

HM Cami Miller, El Dorado, Kan.


1: Aidan Knobloch, Buckingham, Ill.

2: Charlee Klink, Garden, Mich.

3: Jordan Mitchem, Vale, N.C.


1: Kinsley Gillig, Blue Rapids, Kan.

2: Nolan Lee, Wellington, Ill.

3: Trevor Crutcher, Montrose, Ill.

HM Brianna Hula, Creston, Neb.


Hereford Cattle

1: Delaney Figge, Onaga, Kan.

2: Tanner Reynolds, Channing, Texas

3: Paige Lemenager, Hudson, Ill.

HM Cally Miller, El Dorado, Kan.


1: Rianna Chaney, Elwood, Neb.

2: Piper Colyer, Bruneau, Idaho

3: Paige Lemenager, Hudson, Ill.

HM Delaney Figge, Onaga, Kan.; Lauren Jones, Darlington, Wis.


1: Piper Colyer, Bruneau, Idaho

2: Dustin Denton, Blue Rapids, Kan.

3: Jarrett Dalia, Vancouver, Wash.

HM Brenna Perkins, Turners Station, Ky.


Hereford Cattle

1: Haley Baker, Economy, Ind.

2: Lauren McMillan, Tiskilwa, Ill.

3: Molly Bigs, Dixon, Ill.


1: Lauren McMillan, Tiskilwa, Ill.

2: Regan Mitchem, Vale, N.C.

3: Luke Harker, Hope, Ind.


1: Lauren McMillan, Tiskilwa, Ill.

2: Alexis Montgomery, Jane Lew, W.Va.

3: Payton Farmer, Brownstown, Ind.


Hereford Cattle

1: Ethan Brummel, Grand Ledge, Mich.

2: Katy Ruth, Iowa City, Iowa

3: Kelsey Decker, Pickerington, Ohio


1: Kelsey Decker, Pickerington, Ohio

2: Callie Taylor, Petersburg, W.Va.

3: Brooklyn Adam, Lathrop, Mo.


1: Maggie Ashby, Castle Rock, Wash.

2: Katy Ruth, Iowa City, Iowa

3: Kelsey Decker, Pickerington, Ohio


The NJHA is one of the most active junior programs in the country with approximately 3,000 members. The NJHA’s mission is to create and promote enthusiasm for the breed while providing opportunities through leadership, education and teamwork. For more information about the NJHA, visit Jrhereford.org.

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