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Hereford Juniors Compete in National Contests

Hereford Juniors Compete in National Contests

July 18, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kendra Davis kdavis@hereford.org KANSAS CITY, Mo. — More than 900 youth and their families from 38 states gathered at the 19th Annual VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo in Grand Island, Neb., July …

Kendra Davis

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — More than 900 youth and their families from 38 states gathered at the 19th Annual VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo in Grand Island, Neb., July 1-7, to compete in educational and leadership events in and out of the showring.

In addition to the cattle show, juniors and adults competed in more than 20 skill-based contests including: extemporaneous speaking, team sales and livestock judging.
Photos of winners may be downloaded at hereford.org/media. Contest winners are as follows:

Team Fitting
Teams of three work together to fit an animal in 45 minutes and then parade the animal before the judges for evaluation. Sullivan Supply and Stock Show University, Dunlap, Iowa, sponsored the team fitting contest.

    First-place team: Texas — Mason Allan, Schulenburg; Austin Breeding, Miami; and Jarrett Worrell, Mason
    Second-place team: Alabama — Thomas Kade Boatman, Rockford; Nolan Lee, Wellington; and Carter St. John, Pell City
    Third-place team: Iowa — Nick Deppe, Maquoketa; Kale Montag, Grimes; and Logan Schroeder, Pella

Illustrated Speech
This is the final level of competition for members who have won their state competitions. The National Hereford Women and National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) sponsored the illustrated speech contest.

    Peewee participants:
    Faith Benedict, Dewey, Ill.; Lauren Brehm, Syracuse, Neb.; Augustin Burwell, Cambridge, Ohio; Cora Belle Chapman, Seneca, Ill.; Ella Crane, LaSalle, Ill., Brinley Davis, Maple Hill, Kan.; Hardy Edwards IV, Winterville, Ga.; Hollis Fawcett, Ree Heights, S.D.; Alyssa Jo Fidler, Fairview, Ill.; Hadley Harrison, Montague, Calif.; Kaid Hogan, Sutherland, Neb.; Jillian Johnson, Navarre, Ohio; Brady Jones, Darlington, Wis.; Nick Jones, Darlington, Wis.; Carly Kolterman, Garland, Neb.; Kynsleigh Krebs, Gordon, Neb.; Nolan Lee, Wellington, Ill.; Landon Lienemann, Hildreth, Neb.; Cooper Lindstrom, Elm Creek, Neb.; Bentley London, Collinsville, Texas; Cami Miller, El Dorado, Kan.; Cooper Miller, Newcastle, Wyo.; Layna Ottmers, Fredericksburg, Texas; Caden Perry, Tower Hill, Illinois; Kyla Peskey, Iroquois, S.D.; Natalie Pitstick, South Solon, Ohio; Cody Powell, Blue Grass, Iowa; Ashton Prest, Mount Gilead, Ohio; Kennedy Rife, Columbus Junction, Iowa; Callie Schmidt, Blue Rapids, Kan.; Katelin Scott, Crawford, Okla.; Sedona Sifford, Snow Camp, N.C., Skylar Stiefvater, Salem, S.D.; Johanna Studer, Frankfort, Kan.; Parker Thomas, Richmond, Ky.; Clara Timm, Adams, Minn.; Kristin Waters, Norborne, Mo.; Wyatt Watson, Flemingsburg, Ky.; Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas

    1: Cadence Harris, Salado, Texas
    2: Waylon Lee, Wellington, Ill.
    3: Jordan Mitchem, Vale, N.C.

    1: Regan Mitchem, Vale, N.C.
    2: Gracie Oates, Paradise, Texas
    3: Lauren Jones, Darlington, Wis.

    1: Melanie Fishel, Kernersville, N.C.
    2: Kalie Seagraves, Pocahontas, Ark.
    3: Keeley Russman, St. Paul, Neb.

Extemporaneous Speech
The National Hereford Women and NJHA sponsored the extemporaneous speech contest.

    1: Shelby Burlile, Emmett, Ind.
    2: Malina Lindstrom, Elm Creek, Neb.
    3: Kaylee McInvale, Lockney, Neb.

    1: Katie Nolles, Bassett, Neb.
    2: Melanie Fishel, Kernersville, N.C.
    3: Ben Jensen, Courtland, Kan.

Promotional Poster

    1: Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas
    2: Ella Crane, LaSalle, Ill.
    3: Jayna Blume, Pierre, S.D.

    1: Kelsey Kwiatkowski, Louisburg, Kan.
    2: Kendall Boatman, Rockford, Ill.
    3: Kya Rhodes, Ada, Okla.

Livestock Judging

    Peewee individual:
    1: Atley Kleinman, Wentworth, Mo.
    2: Landon Lienemann, Hildreth, Neb.
    3: Brinley Davis, Maple Hill, Kan.

    Peewee team:
    1: Nebraska – Kaid Hogan, Sutherland; Landon Lienemann, Hildreth; Claira Morgan, Burwell; Kian Morris, Wilber

    Junior individual:
    1: Savay Sexton, Cost, Texas
    2: Ella Stiefvater, Salem, S.D.
    3: Sage Lawrence, Avilla, Ind.

    Junior team:
    1: Indiana – Cora Burns, Macy; Chase Harker, Hope; Ella Kavicky, Carmel; Sage Lawrence, Avilla

    Intermediate individual:
    1: Emily Riley, Norton, Kan.
    2: Caleb Benedict, Dewey, Ill.
    3: Dellana Muck, Caledonia, Ill.

    Intermediate team:
    1: Illinois – Caleb Benedict, Dewey; Molly Biggs, Dixon; Dellana Muck, Caledonia; Emma Richardson, Capron

    Senior individual:
    1: Wyatt Lawrence, Princeton, Minn.
    2: Lindsey Wolles, Dell Rapids, S.D.
    3: Jessica Middleswarth, Torrington, Wyo.

    Senior team:
    1: Minnesota – Mallory Carlson, Mudrock; David Donnelly, Farmington; Wyatt Lawrence, Princeton; Jackson Walsh, Mudrock

    Open individual:
    1: Tom Boatman, Rockford, Ill.
    2: Kevin Jensen, Courtland, Kan.
    3: Jefferson Keller, St. Paul, Neb.

    Open team:
    1: Kansas – Jarrod Gillig, Blue Rapids; Cody Jensen, Courtland; Kevin Jensen, Courtland; Grant McKay, Marysville

Hereford Bowl
Teams of four were asked questions about the Hereford industry and animal science.

    First-place junior team: Indiana — Aubrey Landrum, Huntington; Bailey Landrum, Huntington; Carlee Musser, Otterbein; Jayden Simpson, Roachdale

    First-place senior team: Indiana — Lucas Dixon, Rensselaer; Hattie Duncan, Wingate; Kylie McFatridge, Otterbein; Logan McFatridge, Otterbein

    Junior written test winner: Haley Mouser, Tenstrike, Minn.

    Senior written test winner: Nicholas Torrance, Media, Ill.

Team Sales
Teams “sell” any product that is related to agriculture to a panel of judges by promoting the item in a creative way. This competition emphasizes the importance of communication skills, marketing technique and creative design skills in a real-life sales scenario.

    First-place peewee team: Missouri – Beau Anne Graves, Chillicothe; Emmalee Mueller, Perryville; and Kristin Waters, Norborne

    Second-place peewee team: Texas – Gracie Jester, Gunter; Layna Ottmers, Fredericksburg; and Jarrett Worrell, Mason

    First-place junior team: Texas – Carlisle Braman, Refugio; Madeline Braman, Refugio; and Devon Lockhart, Bryan

    Second-place junior team: Oklahoma – Addison Koontz, Thomas; Kamryn Oakes, Putnam; and Hannah Pembrook, Beggs

    Third-place junior team: Kansas – Jase Beltz, Galva; Jalyn Davis, Maple Hill; and Cally Miller, El Dorado

    First-place intermediate team: Kansas – Wesley Denton, Blue Rapids; Taylor Dieball, Little River; and Lauren Gatz, Fairview

    Second-place intermediate team: Nebraska – Rianna Chaney and Sheridan Chaney, Elwood

    Third-place intermediate team: Indiana – Kylia and Logan McFatridge, Otterbein

Individual Sales
Individual Sales allows an individual junior to sell a product to a panel using visual aids and salesmanship skills. A sister competition to Team Sales, this contest gives the junior a glimpse at a real life situation of selling an animal, semen, embryo package or any agricultural related product.

    1: Cierra Collins, Frederick, Okla.
    2: Wyatt Watson, Flemingsburg, Ky.
    3: Cooper Lindstrom, Elm Creek, Neb.

    1: Cadence Harris, Salado, Texas
    2: Marlyn Pecha, Meno, Okla.
    3: Ella Stiefvater, Salem, S.D.

    1: Malina Lindstrom, Elm Creek, Neb.
    2: Haleigh Ferguson, Smithton, Mo.
    3: Hadley Stiefvater, Salem, S.D.

    1: Kade Hellmann, Tabor, S.D.
    2: Dalton Davis, Thorntown, Ind.

Outstanding State Junior Member
Each state with participants at the JNHE can recognize one member with this award.

    Alabama: Carter St. John, Pell City
    Arkansas: Jillian Emerson, Prairie Grove
    California/Nevada: Bailey Morrell, Willows
    Colorado: Kolbi Franklin, Meeker
    Georgia: Hardy Edwards IV, Winterville
    Illinois: Nicholas Torrance, Media
    Indiana: Kylie McFatridge, Otterbein
    Iowa: Evan Espenscheid, Marshalltown
    Kansas: Casey Jensen, Courtland
    Kentucky: Matthew Mobley, Campbellsburg
    Minnesota: Montana Lawrence, Princeton
    Mississippi: Stran Melancon, Woodville
    Missouri: Julie Choate, Pleasant Hope
    Maryland: Kimberly Snader, New Windsor
    Nebraska: Whitney Steckel, Taylor
    New Jersey: Grant Weinmann, Denville
    New Mexico: Abigail Spindle, Moriarty
    North Carolina: Courtney Eudy, Harrisburg
    Ohio: Abbygail Pitstick, South Solon
    Oklahoma: Allie Schrammel, Orlando
    Oregon: Sydney Downey, Albany
    Pennsylvania: Kaia Howe, Wagontown
    South Carolina: Harrison Hutton, Liberty
    South Dakota: Jeremiah Johnson, Huron
    Tennessee: Emma Rushton, Waverly
    Texas: Rylee Barber, Channing
    Virginia: Jessica Harrison, Broadway
    Washington: Tyler Eldred, Bellingham
    West Virginia: Rickey Hawkins, Jane Lew
    Wisconsin: Brooke Peters, Ixonia
    Wyoming: Jessica Middleswarth, Torrington

Great American CHB Grill-off
The CHB (Certified Hereford Beef) Grill-off is an event in which each state assembled a team of six members and presented a recipe to a panel of judges. The purpose of the Grill-off is to promote CHB and its benefits to a healthy diet. The National Hereford Women and CHB sponsored the Great American CHB Grill-off contest.

    First-place team: Kansas 3 – Dustin Denton, Blue Rapids; Dakota Gillig, Blue Rapids; Kinsley Gillig, Blue Rapids; Rylie Meinhardt, Marysville; Will Meinhardt, Marysville; and Callie Schmidt, Blue Rapids

    Second-place team: Texas 1 – Clayton Lopez, Fort Worth; Kayce Lopez, Fort Worth; Bryce McCutchen, Conroe; Keyser Ottmers, Fredericksburg; Layna Ottmers, Fredericksburg; Jarrett Worrell, Mason

    Third-place team: Iowa – Ethan Espenscheid, Marshalltown; Evan Espenscheid, Marshalltown; Abigail Greiman, Perry; Kennedy Montag, Grimes; Jarrett Orman, Linden; and T.R. Putz, Otley

    1: Kalie Seagraves, Pocahontas, Ark.
    2: Kendall Phillips, Tulsa, Okla.
    3: Molly Myers, Canton, S.D.

National Junior Hereford Association and Hereford Publications Inc. co-sponsor the photography contest.


      Hereford Cattle
      1: Cora Belle Chapman, Seneca, Ill.
      2: Nolan Lee, Wellington, Ill.
      3: Cooper Miller, Newcastle, Wyo.

      1: Nolan Lee, Wellington, Ill.
      2: Cooper Miller, Newcastle, Wyo.
      3: Cruz Colyer, Bruneau, Idaho

      1: Nolan Lee, Wellington, Ill.
      2: Landon Lienemann, Hildreth, Neb.
      3: Cruz Colyer, Bruneau, Idaho


      Hereford Cattle
      1: Madelyn Grimmel, Jarrettsville, Md.
      2: Waylon Lee, Wellington, Ill.
      3: Chase Harker, Hope, Ind.

      1: Chase Harker, Hope, Ind.
      2: Waylon Lee, Wellington, Ill.
      3: Taylor De Jong, Lebanon, Ore.

      1: Waylon Lee, Wellington, Ill.
      2: Piper Colyer, Bruneau, Idaho
      3: Delaney Figge, Onaga, Kan.


      Hereford Cattle
      1: Molly Biggs, Dixon, Ill.
      2: Molly Minihan, Wheaton, Kan.
      3: Hannah Tremaine, Oconomowoc, Wis.

      1: Abigail Lewis, Palmyra, Neb.
      2: Hannah Tremaine, Oconomowoc, Wis.
      3: Jodi McMillan, Tiskilwa, Ill.

      1: Laren McMillan, Tiskilwa, Ill.
      2: Kathryn Coleman, Modesto, Calif.
      3: Molly Minihan, Wheaton, Kan.


      Hereford Cattle
      1: Lindsey Wolles, Dell Rapids, S.D.
      2: Abby Anderlik, Dayton, Iowa
      3: Kelsey Decker, Pickerington, Ohio

      1: Rachel Buzanowski, Pompeys Pillar, Mont.
      2: Christine Helm, Shippensburg, Pa.
      3: Brooklyn Adam, Lathrop, Mo.

      1: Kelsey Decker, Pickerington, Ohio
      2: Wade Minihan, Wheaton, Kan.
      3: Rachel Buzanowski, Pompeys Pillar, Mont.


The 2018 VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo was sponsored in part by Biozyme Inc., St. Joseph, Mo. The NJHA is one of the most active junior programs in the country with approximately 3,000 members. The NJHA’s mission is to create and promote enthusiasm for the breed while providing opportunities through leadership, education and teamwork. For more information about the NJHA, visit jrhereford.org.


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