Hall of Merit

Hall of Merit inductees aren’t necessarily Hereford breeders, but have greatly influenced the Hereford breed and cattle industry.

2017 Winners

  • Eddy Sims

    Eddy Sims

    Elgin, Okla.

    After graduating with a degree in animal science from Oklahoma State University, Eddie Sims started his career in the Hereford breed as a fieldman for the American Polled Hereford Association. Since then, he has dedicated his life to promoting Hereford cattle. He established National Cattle Services in 1968 and quickly became one of the industry’s leading auctioneers. Through National Cattle Services, he has sold and managed purebred cattle sales in 44 states and seven Canadian provinces. As an auctioneer and sale manager, Sims has been instrumental in influencing the value and quality of Hereford cattle for the past 50 years. Along with his wife, Ruth, he helped to found the Junior Hereford Association of Oklahoma (JHAO). He, Ruth and their children and grandchildren are active in both the National Junior Hereford Association and the JHAO. Sims is quick to volunteer his auctioning services to help raise money for junior activities and scholarships. His commitment to the Mile High Night Sale in Denver has benefitted the Hereford Youth Foundation of America.
  • Dwayne Dietz

    Dwayne Dietz

    Billings, Mont.

    After graduating from Kansas State University, Dwayne Deitz began his career as a fieldman for Drovers Journal. He then transitioned to a fieldman position for the Western Livestock Journal in 1969, where he visited many ranches and traveled to many cattle sales throughout the United States. After a five-year stint as a fieldman for the American Angus Association, Dietz became a fieldman for the AHA in 1979. His territory covered Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and parts of Alberta, Canada. It was during his years at the AHA that he became recognized as one of the best cattle marketers in the country. His passion and excitement for the Hereford breed was infectious. His commitment to serving those around him has influenced industry professionals across the country. After retiring from the AHA in 1992, Deitz began promoting and selling Herefords and has been instrumental in helping several Hereford breeders begin their herds. In 2006 he began selling commercial advertising for the Western Ag Reporter in Billings, Mont., where he still works today. Deitz and his wife, Janet, have six children and eight greatgrandchildren.

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