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The Hall of Fame honor recognizes breeders who have dynamically influenced the direction and advancement of the Hereford breed.

2016 Winners

  • Jimmy Powell

    Jimmy Powell

    Fort McKavett, Texas

    Jimmy Powell, Fort McKavett, Texas, was inducted to the Hereford Hall of Fame in 2016. After serving as a lieutenant junior grade in the U.S. Navy, Powell returned to his family ranching operation and began his registered Hereford operation. For more than 50 years, Powell has selected for scale, composition, muscling and milking ability to produce cattle that perform in the feedlot.

    Powell graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Rice University. He was a member of the advisory committee for the Packers and Stockyards Administration for the

    United States Department of Agriculture and was named a member of the Secretary of Agriculture’s technical advisory committee for multilateral trade negotiations.

    Powell served on the National Cattlemen’s Association tax committee and the National Livestock tax committee. He was inducted into the International Stockmen’s School Hall of Fame and the Texas State Fair Agriculture Hall of Honor.

  • Jack Turner

    Jack Turner

    Oklahoma City, Okla.

    Jack Turner, Oklahoma City, Okla., was inducted to the Hereford Hall of Fame in 2016. Turner started his Hereford herd after graduating from the University of Oklahoma with the basic principals of keeping an eye on birth weight and keeping mature size in check while emphasizing as much end product merit as possible.

    Turner bred the famed L617 bull that was used in the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) carcass merit project, which let to the first tenderness expected progeny difference (EPD) in the Hereford breed, and is still the basis for the current genetic markers for tenderness.

    Turner serves on the Hereford Research Foundation board and has helped guide the American Hereford Association by identifying the research projects the association should be involved with. He is very supportive of research projects going on within the AHA both financially and with genetics.


Previous Years’


2015 Winners

  • Chandler Herefords
    Baker City, OR

  • Marlene and Jim Mrnak
    Bowman, ND

2014 Winners

  • Roger Stuber
    Bowman, ND

2013 Winners

  • Conard and Nancy Stitzlein
    Glenmont, OH

  • Truman Lawrence
    Somerset, KY


2012 Winners

  • Gene Wiese
    Manning, IA

  • The Douthit Family
    St. Francis, KS

  • Jackie Davis
    Lincoln, CA

  • Lilla Bell
    Paradise Valley, NV


2011 Winners

  • Charles Boyd Sr.
    Mayslick, KY

  • Harold and Pat Carswell
    Osborne, KS

  • Earl Forrest
    Saluda, SC

  • Marvin and Ella Meeks
    Tazewell, VA

  • Gino Pedretti
    El Nido, CA

  • Harold Sidwell
    Carr, CO


2010 Winners

  • Marvin D. Berry

  • Tom Dashiell

  • George Ochsner


2009 Winners

  • Ken Bieber

  • Jack Orr

  • Frank Rodgers

  • Tom Shaw

  • Ken Bieber

  • Tom Shaw

  • Frank Rodgers

  • Jack Orr


2008 Winners

  • Doug Bennett

  • Pat Wilson


2007 Winners

  • Bill Bennett

  • James Bennett

  • Rob. B. Hooper


2006 Winners

  • Bob Schafer

  • Upstream Ranch


2005 Winners

  • Glynn Debter

  • Frank Felton

  • Glen Klippenstein

  • Dan Thornton