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Century and Golden Breeders

The Century and Golden Breeder award recognizes Hereford breeders who have stood the test of time and have been dedicated to raising Herefords for more than 100 years and 50 years. To nominate a Century or Golden Breeder, fill out this FORM.

Century Breeder Award Recipients



Previous Years’ Winners


2021 Winners

2020 Winners

2018 Winner


2016 Winner

  • Huff’s Polled Herefords
    Rutledge, Mo.


2014 Winners

  • Schlickau Herefords
    Haven, Kan.

  • Nash-Deewall Family
    Coldwater, Kan.


2011 Winner

  • The Andras Family
    Murrayville, Ill.


2009 Winners

  • Ridder Ranch
    Callaway, Neb.

  • The Anstey Family
    Massena, Iowa


2007 Winner

  • M Bar Ranch
    Winfield, Kan.


2004 Winners

  • Chandler Herefords Inc.
    Baker City, Ore.

  • LeForce Land & Livestock Inc.
    Pond Creek, Okla.

  • Merry Farms
    Caldwell, Ohio

  • PV & EE Kinkead
    Farmington, Mo.

  • Avalon Farm
    Winchester, Ky.

  • Frank Hug & Sons
    Scranton, Kan.

  • Charles Amos & Sons
    Zurich, Kan.

  • Buell F. Jackson & Sons
    Mechanicsville, Iowa

  • University of Connecticut
    Storrs, Conn.

  • San Isabel Ranch
    Westcliffe, Colo.



Golden Breeder Award Recipients

2022 Winners



Previous Years’ Winners


2021 Winners

2020 Winners


2019 Winners


2018 Winners


2017 Winners


2016 Winners

  • Ralph and Patty Ramsey
    Ramsey Herefords
    Greenfield, Ind.

  • Jerry & Maryann Huth
    Huth Polled Herefords
    Oakfield, Wis

  • Toby & Debby Dulworth
    Dogwood Farms
    LaCenter, KY


2015 Winners

  • Tom Krauss and family
    Bookcliff Herefords
    Russell, Kan.

  • Dean and Marlene Davis
    Davis Herefords
    Maple Hill, Kan.

  • Ken and Marilyn Stephens
    KEG Herefords
    Valentine, Neb.


2014 Winner

  • The Doyle Family
    Doyle Hereford Ranch
    Garland, Texas


2011 Winners

  • Orlin R. Oium
    Towner, N.D

  • Morrison Stock Farm
    Lexington, Ohio

  • Kruse Polled Herefords
    Harris, Minn.

  • DaKitch Hereford Farms
    Ada, Minn.

  • Cottage Hill Farm
    Petersburg, W.Va.


2009 Winners

  • Malcolm A. Wilber
    Delanson, N.Y.

  • Watsons Walkin W Polled Herefords
    Barnard, Kan.

  • Taurus Farms
    Lafayette, Tenn.

  • Still River Ranch, Larry Woodson
    Wolfe City, Texas

  • Spring Pond Farm, Ted Kriese
    Cato, N.Y.

  • Arlyn Rabideau
    Clifton, Ill.

  • Perkins Farm
    Locust Grove, Okla.

  • Earl W. Muck
    Clarence, N.Y.

  • Bruce Layne, BBL Polled Herefords
    Fountain Run, Ky.

  • Lawrence Herefords
    Coon Rapids, Minn.

  • Dan Koester
    Dennison, Minn.

  • Dan Kniffen
    Spring Mills, Pa.

  • Paul and Bernice Hamilton
    Bloomfield, N.Y.

  • Tim Dennis
    Penn Yan, N.Y.

  • Robert H. Card
    McGraw, N.Y.

  • Bischoff’s Ravine Creek Ranch
    Huron, S.D.

  • Leonard Amann
    Marissa, Ill.


2007 Winners

  • Johnny Woolfolk
    Woolfolk Farms
    Jackson, Tenn

  • Robert Wade
    Wade Hereford Farm
    Bolckow, Mo.

  • Harlin Sell
    Springfield, Mo.

  • James Murray
    Murray Herefords
    Oxford Junction, Iowa

  • Les Midla
    Flat Stone Lick
    Marianna, Pa.

  • Ed, Judy, Kyle and Jodi McMillan
    Rustic Oaks, Ohio, Ill.

  • Jim Kuhlman
    Kuhlman Herefords
    Mason City, Iowa;

  • Vincent Kauflin
    Kauflin Farms
    Bonne Terre, Mo.

  • Donald G. Gray
    Brookville, Ind.

  • Richard Gebhart
    Beacon Hill Ranch
    Claremore, Okla.

  • Glynn, Perry and John Ross Debter
    Debter Hereford Farm
    Horton, Ala.

  • James Corbett
    James Corbett and Son
    Belmont, Ohio

  • Eddy Beery
    Beery’s Land and Livestock
    Vida, Mont.

  • Byron Bayers
    Bayers Hereford Ranch
    Twin Bridges, Mont.

  • Steve Asmus
    Asmus Herefords
    Audubon, Iowa;