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The American Hereford Association Annual Membership Meeting and Conference is held each fall in Kansas City, Mo., and brings together the membership for a trade show, educational sessions, Honorees Reception and meeting where three new members of the Board of Directors are elected.


The 2022 AHA Annual Membership Meeting and Conference will be held Oct. 21-23 at the Loews Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Mo. To download the schedule, click here.

American Hereford Association (AHA) Educational Forums offer something for everyone. Educational Forums will be held in City Beautiful B&C at the Loews Kansas City Hotel on Friday, Oct. 21.

A Strategic Outlook for the Association | 8 a.m.

Kevin Ochsner, president, Agcellerate
Developing the AHA’s new five-year strategic plan included the candid, gracious input of industry leaders from every sector of the beef industry, as well as Hereford breeders. Find out what’s in the plan, how it can help you and how you can ensure its success.

Building on Hereford Research | 9 a.m.

Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, Ph.D., Director of AgNext, Colorado State University
Shane Bedwell, Chief Operations Officer and Director of Breed Improvement, AHA
Learn more about the Hereford research initiatives that will further leverage the Hereford breed’s strengths to serve the evolving beef industry and the next generation of consumers. This session will detail two exciting current research projects: maternal efficiency with the University of Illinois and the genetics of sustainability with Colorado State University.  

Handle on Animal Health | 10:30 a.m.

Todd Bilby, Ph.D., Director of Dairy Technical Sales, Merck Animal Health
Reproductive hormones and estrus synchronization offer a myriad of benefits in both cows and heifers bred through AI or natural service. Advantages include shortening the calving interval to increase pounds of beef at weaning and to improve replacement heifer fertility. Learn more about these benefits as well as the use of hormones to improve embryo transfer pregnancy retention.

1881: A Story to Tell | 11:15 a.m.

Taylor Belle Matheny, Director of Communications, AHA
Wes Ishmael, Hereford World Executive Editor, AHA
Every compelling tale has a hero. Hereford cattle came to America to answer specific challenges. The breed continues to meet the dynamic demands of cattle producers, beef consumers and society. Now, Hereford faces its most extraordinary opportunity yet.

Fuel the Future of CHB® | 1:30 p.m.

Amari Seiferman, CEO, Certified Hereford Beef®
Certified Hereford Beef® is much more than a unique premium branded beef product delivering consistently high quality and consumer satisfaction. Certified Hereford Beef is also an opportunity for restaurants and retailers to build business revenue with a premium product backed by unwavering customer service and curated marketing support. You are key to its success.

Engineering Success with MyHerd | 2:15 p.m.

Stacy Sanders, Director of Records Department, AHA
AHA members use MyHerd as the predominant tool to handle their registrations, transfers, performance data, DNA testing, etc. More than 80% of AHA registry work comes from members via MyHerd. Learn about new features that make MyHerd even more useful for breeding selection, marketing and general management information tasks.

InfiniSEEK™ for Cattle: The Next Step in Genomics | 2:45 p.m.

JR Tait, Ph.D., NEOGEN Genomics
InfiniSEEK is the future of genomic advancement for Hereford cattle and the beef industry.  This new genomic testing technology offers new genomic insights that will drive faster genetic change. NEOGEN is proud to unveil InfiniSEEK to Hereford breeders.

Create Your Future | 3:30 p.m.

Jack Ward, Executive Vice President, AHA
Tom Brink, Chief Executive Officer, Red Angus Association of America
Harnessing the power and efficiencies of heterosis has never been more important in U.S. beef cattle production. The need for objective value determination has never been greater. Existing and unfolding AHA programs and research aim at both.

Meet the six Hereford breeders vying for a position on the American Hereford Association (AHA) Board of Directors.

Jim Coley

Coley Hereford Farm, Lafayette, Tenn.

Jim Coley is a third-generation Hereford breeder from Lafayette, Tenn. Jim and his wife, Kay, married in 1980. They have two adult children, Denise and Michael, and four grandchildren. Coley Hereford Farm began with Jim’s grandfather, dad and uncle as V.H. Coley and Sons in 1938. They had successful production sales from 1952 through 1978 before dispersing the original herd in 1978 after Jim’s father passed away. Jim started his own herd of Hereford cattle after college graduation in 1976.

As a youth, Jim was active in the Tennessee Junior Hereford Association and 4-H. He assisted with all aspects of the farm. While attending the University of Tennessee, Jim was active in clubs, worked on the university’s cattle farm and participated on the livestock and meats judging teams. Jim served on the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) board from 1973-1976. After graduating with an animal science degree, Jim spent nine years working as a farm manager for farms in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia. In 1985, he moved back to Tennessee and began a 30-year career working in sales and management at farmers co-ops. He retired in 2017 and works full-time on his cattle operation.

Jim has been active in Cattlemen’s Association boards in several counties. He has been active in the Tennessee Hereford Association, serving as president and on the Tennessee Beef Agribition (TBA) committee. He also managed the TBA Hereford sale. In 2014, he served on the merger committee joining the Tennessee Hereford Association and the Tennessee Polled Hereford Association. In 2003, Jim and his family donated the first heifer sold to support the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA). That heifer raised more than $30,000. Additionally, Jim was recognized as a Whole Herd Total Performance Records (TPR™) Gold Hereford Breeder by the American Hereford Association (AHA) in 2022.

In 2017, Jim moved his cattle back to the “home place” just east of Lafayette, Tenn. Today, his herd includes 50 cows, mostly Line 1, both polled and horned, in addition to five to 10 contract ET calves. Coley Hereford Farm produces commercial bulls, bred heifer replacements, and bulls for use in their own and other seedstock operations. Jim maintains complete performance records and uses genomic testing. The calves not sold for breeding are fed and sold directly to consumers as freezer beef.
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Hampton Cornelius

Coyote Ridge Ranch, LaSalle, Colo.

Hampton Cornelius is a family partner, along with his mother, Jane Evans Cornelius, of Coyote Ridge Ranch in LaSalle, Colo. He has been married to his wife, Kay, for 29 years, and they have a 22-year-old son, John Hampton. Coyote Ridge Ranch (CRR) is a purebred Hereford cattle ranch with an extensive hay operation located on the northern High Plains near the Rocky Mountains. They develop Hereford bulls suitable for commercial and seedstock customers. They run 170 registered Hereford pairs with their noted CRR cow families serving as the hallmark of their operation. The ranch also markets embryos, high-quality show heifers and purebred replacement females. CRR produces balanced genetics — maternally efficient, functional, high-quality females, which produce quality replacements and marketable steers with highly accepted carcass traits. This is done through balanced trait selection — utilizing performance records and expected progeny differences (EPDs).

Bulls are genomic tested, and yearlings are ultrasounded for carcass measurements. CRR has retained ownership on all steers for three decades. CRR has provided the American Hereford Association (AHA) with 30 years of carcass performance data on their steers, and they have been recognized as a Whole Herd Total Performance Records (TPR™) Gold Hereford Breeder. Hampton’s cattle have topped national Hereford shows, and he is proud that the CRR National Western Stock Show pen show entries have been purchased by fellow Hereford breeders across the country.

Hampton was active in the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA), 4-H and FFA as a youth. He attended Northeastern Junior College and Colorado State University (CSU) and judged livestock at both. At CSU, Hampton received the Tom Blackburn Award for being an outstanding member of the livestock judging team. Hampton has judged numerous shows across the U.S., and in Canada and Uruguay.

He strongly believes in developing young people and promoting Hereford beef. CRR often provides a quality judging team workout and hosts the United States Meat Export Federation, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and Colorado Beef Board tours. CRR has welcomed culinary experts, chefs, high school agriculture teachers and meat-buying delegations from China, Taiwan, Korea and other countries. When Hampton is not ranching or making hay, he enjoys fishing, camping, hunting, and spending time in the Colorado mountains with his family.
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Jerry Delaney

Delaney Herefords Inc., Lake Benton, Minn.

Jerry Delaney, from Lake Benton, Minn., is a lifetime member of the American Hereford Association (AHA). Jerry owns and operates Delaney Herefords Inc. alongside his wife, Shelly, son, Nick, and daughter-in-law, Holly. Jerry and Shelly have five children: Katie, Jaci, Marty, Michael and Nick. The couple also has eight grandchildren. Jerry’s grandkids have rejuvenated his excitement for the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) and the opportunities the organization offers young people. The Delaney herd consists of 180 cows and 80 replacement heifers. Delaney Herefords Inc. partners with Atkins Herefords in Tea, S.D., to offer their top heifer calves for sale in October and sell bulls and bred females in a joint annual sale in January. The Delaney family will host their 13th annual sale with Atkins Herefords in January 2023. In addition to the cow herd, the Delaney family sells embryos and farms 1,200 acres of corn and soybeans, along with 600 acres of hay and pasture.

The Delaney family has been raising quality registered Hereford cattle for more than 85 years, beginning with a Hereford heifer as a 4-H project in 1936. Delaney Herefords Inc. continued to build its herd and was officially established as a corporation by Jerry’s dad, Jack, in 1969. In addition to his AHA membership, Jerry is a lifetime member of the Minnesota Hereford Association (MHA) and has served as a director and president. Jerry was MHA president during the merger of the polled and horned associations. Additionally, Jerry is a member of the South Dakota Hereford Association.

Jerry has served on the executive board of the Minnesota Beef Expo since its inception and is the current president of the Lincoln County Fair Board. Jerry is a past director on the Lake Benton Farmers Elevator Board and a member of the Minnesota Cattlemen’s Association and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. The Delaney family received the Lincoln County Farm Family of the Year Award in 2021. Delaney Herefords Inc. has consigned to the National Hereford Sale and the Minnesota Go-Pher the Purple Sale and has exhibited cattle at multiple national Hereford shows. Delaney Herefords Inc. uses a combination of embryo transfer, AI and genomics to continually improve its herd.
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Tim Dennis

Glade Haven Herefords, Penn Yan, N.Y.

Tim Dennis, Penn Yan, N.Y., grew up on a farm in Jasper, N.Y. He is a longtime American Hereford Association (AHA) member and established Penn Yan, N.Y., as his home in 1973 when he bought two parcels of farmland. He owns and operates Glade Haven Herefords with his wife, Dawn. Tim and Dawn have been married for 55 years and have two adult children, Laura and Michael. They also have three grandchildren and one great grandchild. Based in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Glade Haven Herefords is made up of 40 mostly seedstock Hereford cows and 200 acres of pasture. Tim is a retired large animal veterinarian and a graduate of Cornell University. He attained his first Hereford heifer from Cornell University in 1961, and his family utilized registered Hereford bulls in their commercial beef herd while Tim was growing up.

Tim has been a voting delegate at the AHA’s annual meeting for more than 15 years. He was an advisor for the New York Junior Hereford Association for several years and has served on the New York Hereford Association board of directors. He was recognized by the AHA in 2009 as a Golden Hereford Breeder. Tim has also been recognized by the AHA as a Whole Herd Total Performance Records (TPR™) Gold Hereford Breeder. He received the New York Beef Producers Association Cattleman of the Year Award and the Mission Recognition Award from the Benton Center Methodist Church.

Tim has been active in the New York Beef Producers Association, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Benton Center Methodist Church, Penn Yan Central School Board of Education, Yates County Legislature, and Yates County Farm Bureau. He has served on the New York State Task Force on the Future of Farming, and as a 4-H leader. Tim is also a lifetime member of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Glade Haven Herefords’ goal is to breed and build its cow herd while producing calves that can work in a commercial environment. Glade Haven Herefords has consigned cattle to the Pennsylvania State Bull Test and the Midland Bull Test in Columbus, Mont. The operation exhibits cattle regionally at local county fairs, the New York State Fair and Keystone International Livestock Exposition. Tim cares deeply about his family, church and community.
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Austin Snedden

Snedden Ranch, Maricopa, Calif.

Austin Snedden is a fifth-generation rancher from Maricopa, Calif., where his family has been raising cattle in the same county for more than 150 years. Snedden Ranch was founded in 1867 by Anna and Samuel Snedden and has been passed down through the generations. Austin grew up on the ranch in southwest Kern County and graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2005 with a degree in business administration. Ranching is Austin’s full-time job; Austin and his wife, Sarah, partner with his parents, Richard and Susie, to operate Snedden Ranch.

Austin and Sarah met in college and married in 2004. They have four children: Ryah, Rainey, Sonora and Ezra. Snedden Ranch is family business with family members of all ages working in every aspect of the operation. Snedden Ranch consists of 350 to 400 commercial cows, 120 Hereford cows, and 40 Red Angus cows. The Snedden family raises bulls for their commercial herd and their annual production sale, held on the second Saturday of October every year. In addition to the cow herd and hosting a production sale, Snedden Ranch markets a select group of commercial replacement females every year. Their steer calves are merchandised at weaning or yearling age and sold off the ranch through auction and video markets.

Snedden Ranch has raised primarily Hereford cattle for more than 100 years and registered its first cattle with the American Hereford Association (AHA) 50 years ago in 1972. The ranch was recognized as a Whole Herd Total Performance Records (TPR™) Gold Hereford Breeder by the AHA in 2022. Austin and Sarah served as advisors for the California/Nevada Junior Hereford Association in 2017 and 2018. Austin has been involved with the Kern County Cattlemen’s Association for many years and served as president from 2014 to 2015. He was appointed to serve on the Trump Administration’s Rural and Agriculture Advisory Committee. Austin served as a delegate for the California Republican Party from 2021 to 2022 and is a contributing columnist to the Valley Ag Voice, a regional agricultural publication. Additionally, Austin was recognized as the Kern County Cattleman of the Year in 2020, and Snedden Ranch was recognized in 2013 as California’s 18th Senatorial District’s Small Business of the Year.
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David Wiese

Wiese and Sons, Manning, Iowa

David Wiese is a fourth-generation Hereford breeder from Manning, Iowa. David, along with his wife, Diana, own and operate Wiese and Sons. David and Diana have been married for 32 years and have three sons: Shayne, Chance and Trey. Chance and Shayne partner with David and Diana to run the farm. Wiese and Sons was founded in 1912 by Ed Wiese. Today, Wiese and Sons is made up of 2,200 acres of farmland and pasture in Manning, Iowa, and Guthrie Center, Iowa. The Wiese family produces corn, soybeans, hay and alfalfa and sells about 150 bulls every year. The family strives to produce Hereford cattle that will thrive in a variety of conditions, and their herd consists of 400 Hereford and Angus cows. Steers are finished at local feedlots, and Wiese and Sons offers replacement heifers and black baldy calves to various clients. All of Wiese and Sons’ sales are handled in a private treaty manner in order to better cultivate relationships with customers.

David graduated from Iowa State University (ISU) with a degree in agribusiness. He pursued a post-graduate degree in equine science at ISU while working as a graduate assistant football coach. Wiese and Sons was recognized by the American Hereford Association (AHA) as a Century Hereford Breeder and as a Whole Herd Total Performance Records (TPR™) Gold Hereford Breeder. David has been a voting delegate representing Iowa at the AHA annual meeting on multiple occasions. He is a past president of the Carroll County Cattlemen’s Association and has judged cattle shows across the United States and in Finland.

Wiese and Sons has received the Beef Quality Assurance Award from the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association. The family was proud to receive the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Environmental Stewardship Award and was recently awarded “The Way We Live Award” at the Iowa State Fair. They have also been named the Carroll County Farm Family of the Year. Wiese and Sons gathers an extensive amount of data from birth to harvest to ensure year-over-year improvement, and David’s family is an integral part of his operation. His life has been dedicated to his family, his cattle and the land that supports him.

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Loews Kansas City Convention Center
1515 Wyandotte St.
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 816-281-7600
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AHA Group Rate

Meet the five candidates chasing the crown and the title to be the next National Hereford Queen. The new queen will be announced at the conclusion of the National Hereford Show at the American Royal on Oct. 23.

Jaclyn Aiken

Telford, Tenn.

Jaclyn Aiken is the daughter of Jack and LeAnn Aiken. She is a graduate of Walters State Community College and holds an associate degree in agricultural business. Jaclyn has been showing Hereford cattle for more than six years and has enjoyed raising cattle with her family her entire life. Jaclyn is a member of the Tennessee Hereford Association and serves as the East Tennessee director on the board.

Elizabeth Crumm

Anadarko, Okla.

Elizabeth Crumm, daughter of Tray and Nikki Crumm, is a sophomore at Redlands Community College (RCC), where she is a member of the Beef Team and Aggie Club. After graduation from RCC with an associate degree in animal science and agricultural communications, Elizabeth plans to attend a four-year university to study animal science and agricultural communications. Her eventual goal is to be a veterinarian specializing in large animal reproduction, and she wants to apply her degree toward her family’s expanding Hereford operation. Elizabeth has been involved in the Oklahoma Junior Hereford Association and National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) since 2011. She was also involved in 4-H and FFA, and she showed cattle and judged livestock. Elizabeth is currently serving as secretary on the junior board of the Oklahoma Hereford Association. Outside the showring, Elizabeth has participated in the Faces of Leadership and BOLD Conferences. Elizabeth is also involved in her church and is an active volunteer. Elizabeth is a fifth-generation cattleman and has competed at state and national shows.

Jalyn Davis

Maple Hill, Kan.

Jalyn Davis is the daughter of Danny and Amanda Davis. Jalyn is a senior at Rossville High School, where she is a member of the cheer and dance team, vice president of the FFA chapter, a student council officer, class officer and member of National Honor Society. After high school, Jalyn plans to attend a junior college and participate on the livestock judging team. She then plans to attend Kansas State University and major in agricultural marketing. Jalyn is an 11-year member of the Kansas Junior Hereford Association (KJHA) and NJHA. She has attended all but one VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) since she was born and has participated in a variety of activities and contests at the event. Jalyn has attended Faces of Leadership and the NJHA Fed Steer Shootout Field Day and is currently the treasurer for the KJHA. In addition to being active within the KJHA and NJHA, Jalyn is also active in 4-H. She is an ambassador for her county, a council representative and club officer.

Madison Katzenberger

Monroe, Wis.

Madison Katzenberger is the daughter of Eric and Rosie Katzenberger. She recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Platteville (UWP) with a bachelor’s degree in animal science and a minor in Spanish. While at UWP, Madison served as the Block and Bridle Club president, and served on the Pioneer Showdown Beef Show Committee as chair and public relations chair. She was a member of the homecoming court her senior year and volunteered as a manager for the men’s baseball team. Madison has been a member of the Wisconsin Junior Hereford Association for 15 years and is currently serving as the association president. She has attended JNHE 14 times, and she has participated in a broad array of activities. She was voted Outstanding State Junior representing the state of Wisconsin at the 2022 JNHE. Her FFA achievements include the State Degree and Gold Section Winner for Beef Entrepreneurship. Outside the showring, Madison enjoys playing music for her church and sewing banners to hang in the sanctuary. Madison is currently employed as an embryologist for Boviteq USA in Madison, Wis.

Kennedy Montag

Grimes, Iowa

Kennedy Montag, the daughter of Andy and Lisa Montag, is a sophomore at Iowa State University (ISU) studying animal science. At ISU, she is an active member of Block and Bridle and Collegiate Cattlemen. Iowa natives, her family has raised Hereford cattle for more than 10 years. Kennedy began showing and breeding Hereford cattle when she was in fourth grade and has grown her herd over the years. Kennedy attended her first JNHE in 2018 in Grand Island, Neb. She is currently the Iowa Junior Hereford Association secretary and has been on the board for four years. She attributes many of her connections and friends to the Hereford breed.