Hereford Verified

The Hereford Verified program is an electronic identification program that provides Hereford producers the opportunity to receive feedlot performance and carcass data. Program participants are subject to potential premium opportunities.

How to participate

To enroll cattle in the Hereford Verified program, you will be asked a series of questions about the breed makeup of the calves as well as size, sex, etc. Producers must purchase tags in order for program cattle to be eligible for data and potential premiums available. Contact the AHA office for tag pricing and options. In order for producers to receive data and premiums the cattle must be marketed through an approved feedyard and the cattle must be marketed as Hereford Verified cattle to the packer. For general questions, to enroll cattle, or inquire about tag options & pricing contact Trey Befort, Director of Commercial Programs, at 816-842-3757 or email.