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Category: Breed Improvement

Olsen Ranch Selects Bulls for 2020 Calf Crop

August 22, 2019

Olsen Ranch, Harrisburg, Neb., a National Reference Sire Program (NRSP) test herd partner, has selected 15 sires for its 2020 breeding program. This year’s sires are: 43910830 – SCHU-LAR ASSET 36F 43904896 – EFBEEF A250 TESTED F294 43800218 – CL 1 DOMINO 710E 1ET 43894968 – SHF FORESIGHT B413 F158 43934356 – JCS 1321 MARK […]


Research Study Favors the Baldy Female , courtesy of OSU animal scientists

February 22, 2019

Weight gain is almost a national obsession the first few months after the new year, and while humans may be most interested in dropping pounds, cattle breeders are more concerned with helping cows maintain a good body weight at a reasonable cost. “In this experiment, we set out to determine if we could potentially reduce […]