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Contestants of the Year in the 2022 NJHA Fed Steer Shootout Announced; Other Winners Recognized in Kansas City

October 26, 2022

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Now in its sixth year, the National Junior Hereford Association’s (NJHA) Fed Steer Shootout contest teaches juniors about the opportunities and challenges of the cattle feeding industry. In the 2022 contest, 75 members from 17 states entered 200 steers in the program. This year’s winners received $15,000 in scholarships and awards from the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) on Oct. 21 at the American Hereford Association’s (AHA) Annual Membership Meeting and Conference in Kansas City, Mo.

Contestants collected feedyard performance and carcass data on their pen of three and individual entries of Hereford and commercial Hereford-influenced steers, while gaining comprehensive industry knowledge on topics such as animal health, nutrition and marketing. All steers were fed at HRC Feed Yards, Scott City, Kan., and were hauled to and harvested at National Beef Packing Co. in Dodge City, Kan., as candidates for the Certified Hereford Beef® brand. Industry partners such as Merck Animal Health, Allflex Livestock Intelligence and Neogen played a vital role in the success of the program as well as the addition of involvement from Cargill Inc. in the educational portion of the program and generous sponsors such as Texas Stardance Cattle and Bar One Ranch.

Furthermore, contestants entered performance portfolios from data reports they received throughout the feeding period and answered short answer questions summarizing what they learned while participating in the program. The top three contestants, in both the junior and senior divisions, were selected from the submitted portfolios and had the opportunity to compete for the NJHA Fed Steer Shootout Contestant of the Year title. The selected contestants presented a short speech to judges followed by a panel interview describing what they learned during the contest on Thursday, Oct. 20, prior to the awards ceremony.

After completing their performance portfolios and a rigorous interview and presentation process, Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas, was named the contestant of the year in the junior division and Kendall Boatman, Rockford, Ill., earned the contestant of the year title in the senior division.

This year’s award winners are:
Contestant of the Year – Top Three Finalists – Junior Division:

    Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas, Junior Contestant of the Year
    Kealie Bryant, Garden City, Kan.
    Hardy Edwards, Winterville, Ga.

Contestant of the Year – Top Three Finalists – Senior Division:

    Kendall Boatman, Rockford, Ill., Senior Contestant of the Year
    Kade Boatman, Rockford, Ill.
    Dellana Muck, Caledonia, Ill.

Overall Champion Steer – Bailey Morrell, Willows, Calif.
Champion Pen of Three Purebred Steers – Ryan Pribil, Hennessey, Okla.
Reserve Champion Pen of Three Purebred Steers – Elizabeth Pribil, Hennessey, Okla.
Champion Individual Purebred Steer – Elizabeth Pribil, Hennessey, Okla.
Reserve Champion Individual Purebred Steer – Kathryn Coleman, Modesto, Calif.
Champion Pen of Three Commercial Steers – Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas
Reserve Champion Pen of Three Commercial Steers – Luke Daniels, Dalhart, Texas
Champion Individual Commercial Steer – Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas
Reserve Champion Individual Commercial Steer – Brayden Goehring, Herreid, S.D.

Special recognition awards go to:
Highest Marbling Score Purebred Division – Katherine Krauss, Russell, Kan.
Highest Marbling Score Commercial Division – Brayden Goehring, Herreid, S.D.
Highest Average Daily Gain Purebred Division – Elizabeth Pribil, Hennessey, Okla.
Highest Average Daily Gain Commercial Division – Molly Biggs, Dixon, Ill.
Largest Ribeye Area Purebred Division – Brayson Mayo, Scott City, Kan.
Largest Ribeye Area Commercial Division – Brayson Mayo, Scott City, Kan.


The National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) is one of the largest, strongest and most active junior cattle programs in the country. Over the years, members of this association have gone on to earn international and domestic respect as models for youth organizational success. The NJHA, through its extensive educational programs, continues to lay the foundation for the beef industry’s future leaders. The traditions of the past coupled with the energy of today’s board of directors have created a progressive approach to further develop a meaningful and educational association focus.