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Building the Next Generation of the Hereford Breed

October 21, 2022

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The 2022 American Hereford Association (AHA) Annual Membership Meeting and Conference kicked off Friday, Oct. 21, at the Loews Hotel in Kansas City. The first day was filled with educational programs and Hereford youth were celebrated on stage at the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) Scholarship and Awards Luncheon.

As the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) celebrated the next generation, $180,000 in scholarships was awarded to 28 junior members, and the outstanding youth who participated in the NJHA Fed Steer Shootout contest were recognized for their efforts.

2022 HYFA Fall Scholarship Recipients:

$2,500 MGM Memorial Scholarship – Luke Daniels, Dalhart, Texas
$1,500 Ostgaard-Breiner Scholarship – Tate Johnson, Centerville, S.D.
$1,500 Ostgaard-Breiner Scholarship – Katie Nolles, Stuart, Neb.
$2,500 Gary Bishop Memorial Scholarship – Joel Pecha, Meno, Okla.
$2,500 HYFA Scholarship – Rusty Wolf, Alexandria, Ky.
$2,500 HYFA Scholarship – Bailey Morrell, Willows, Calif.
$2,500 Larson Polled Hereford Scholarship – Lauren Jones, Darlington, Wis.
$2,500 Blin Family Scholarship – Paige Lemenager, Hudson, Ill.
$2,500 Tennessee River Music Scholarship – Isaac Rhode, Stewartsville, Mo.
$2,500 Whitehead Ranches Scholarship – Sam Birdsall, Torrington, Wyo.
$2,500 Bob & Lucy Kube Scholarship – Madison Sifford, Goldvein, Va.
$5,000 Ball/Cottonwood Springs Scholarship – Weston Wolf, Alexandria, Va.
$5,000 Bob & Dolores Call Scholarship – Wesley Denton, Blue Rapids, Kan.
$5,000 Perks Ranch Scholarship – Kira Sayre, Arenzeville, Ill.
$5,000 Bar One/George & Karen Sprague Scholarship – Haley Mouser, Tenstrike, Minn.
$5,000 EE Ranches Scholarship – Jacob Johnson, Ruth, Miss.
$5,000 EE Ranches Scholarship – Dylan Kottkamp, Clayton, Ind.
$10,000 National Hereford Queen Scholarship – Lauren Gatz, Fairview, Kan.
$10,000 Vanier Family Scholarship – Bryden Barber, Channing, Texas
$10,000 Vanier Family Scholarship – JW Cox, Flemingsburg, Ky.
$10,000 Vanier Family Scholarship – Jordan Gatz, Fairview, Kan.
$10,000 Vanier Family Scholarship – Trevor Johnson, Centerville, S.D.
$10,000 Vanier Family Scholarship – Lauren McMillan, Tiskilwa, Ill.
$10,000 Vanier Family Scholarship – Regan Mitchem, Vale, N.C.
$10,000 Vanier Family Scholarship – James Brody Rogers, Hamilton, Texas
$10,000 Vanier Family Scholarship – Libby Rushton, Waverly, Tenn.
$10,000 Vanier Family Scholarship – Tar Tut, Faribault, Minn.
$10,000 Vanier Family Scholarship – Megan Underwood, Campbellsville, Ky.

2022 NJHA Fed Steer Shootout Winners:

The NJHA Fed Steer Shootout focuses on teaching the next generation in the cattle industry the importance of good health practices, feedlot management and the complete beef production cycle. Contestants collect feedlot performance and carcass data during the contest and are given the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of the cattle feeding and packing industries as well as partake in a Fed Steer Shootout field day. Each year, awards are given to the juniors who have the highest placing carcasses as well as the juniors who participate in putting together a portfolio focused on the contest. This year’s results are as follows:

Overall Champion Steer – Bailey Morrell, WIllows, Calif.
Champion Pen of 3 Purebred Steers – Ryan Pribil, Hennessey, Okla.
Reserve Champion Pen of 3 Purebred Steers – Elizabeth Pribil, Hennessey, Okla.
Champion Individual Purebred Steer – Elizabeth Pribil, Hennessey, Okla.
Reserve Champion Individual Purebred Steer – Kathryn Coleman, Modesto, Calif.
Champion Pen of Three Commercial Steers – Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas
Reserve Champion Pen of Three Commercial Steers – Luke Daniels, Dalhart, Texas
Champion Individual Commercial Steer – Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas
Reserve Champion Individual Commercial Steer – Brayden Goehring, Herreid, S.D.

Special recognition awards go to:

Highest Marbling Score Purebred Division – Katherine Krauss, Russell, Kan.
Highest Marbling Score Commercial Division – Brayden Goehring, Herreid, S.D.
Highest Average Daily Gain Purebred Division – Elizabeth Pribil, Hennessey, Okla.
Highest Average Daily Gain Commercial Division – Molly Biggs, Dixon, Ill.
Largest Ribeye Area Purebred Division – Brayson Mayo, Scott City, Kan.
Largest Ribeye Area Commercial Division – Brayson Mayo, Scott City, Kan.

Congratulations to these young people. The American Hereford Association welcomes all members and Hereford enthusiasts to Kansas City for the annual meeting held on Saturday, October 22 at 8 a.m.