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Stepping Into The Future

May 5, 2022

by Wyatt Lawrence, NJHA Vice Chairman

When writing this post, I find myself at a transition point in my life. I am rounding out the final parts of my childhood as I finish up my time with the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA). I joke that I am trying my hand at “being an adult,” yet with all the challenges that have come, this time has been extremely eye opening for me. It is a great time to reflect and be thankful for the experiences and people who have helped me get this far. In essence, all these experiences have set me up with opportunities, knowledge and insight that have allowed me to step out with confidence.

It can be sad to see the past fade into memories, but it should not be discouraging and instead, should leave us excited for what the future holds. I believe that it comes down to living in the moment and enjoying the journey. Growing up I always wanted to be an adult and to work every day, but I did not have the responsibilities of an adult when I was 5. As we get older, I feel that we start to lose some of this ambition. Responsibility starts to come, and work becomes a more of a mandatory, monotonous thing. We begin to wish that we had more time to have fun like we did as kids.

I want to encourage you and leave you with some advice, live life in the moment and you won’t miss moments that matter. If we go into each day looking ahead or behind for something better, we will miss all the good that is present in our everyday life. We will end up living with regret, doubt and never find the joy that we are looking for. There is good to be found every day even if the best thing you can think of is that you woke up that morning. Every breath we breathe is a blessing and given to us from God to live life to the fullest.

The Hereford breed has given me so many opportunities throughout all stages of my life. My favorite moments have been made by my choice to live where I am and meet the people I’m around and not wonder what is ahead or behind. Living in the moment has helped me gain valuable skills and build relationships. I’m so thankful for the lifelong friendships I have created, and for what they hold in my future.

So, remember, as you get older and age into another part of life, be open minded, seize opportunities, live life to the fullest and find the good in every day. And when you get to that place where you are going to try “adulting,” you will find that life has prepared you for what is ahead because you lived in the moment and soaked everything in.