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Metch-Holan Named Outstanding Hereford Woman of the Year

October 29, 2021

Barbra Metch-Holan, Metch Polled Herefords, Canton, Texas, was recognized as the 2021 Hereford Woman of the Year during the National Hereford Women (NHW) annual meeting  Oct. 23 in Kansas City, Mo.

Each year the NHW recognizes and honors one woman for her achievements, leadership and dedication to and promotion of the Hereford breed. 

Metch-Holan is described as the “go-to girl for decades” for other Hereford women. Metch-Holan began leading at a very young age, and throughout her young teenage years she founded the New Jersey Junior Polled Hereford Association. Metch-Holan’s devotion to the Texas Polled Hereford Association and the national breed organization has only grown over the years.

Metch-Holan has been a loyal Texas Poll-Ettes, Texas Polled Hereford Association (TPHA), National Organization of Pollettes (NOP), National Hereford Women (NHW) committee member, board member and president. Metch strives to build up the associations and organizations to better serve the members whil

e ensuring the juniors have every resource possible to be successful.

Throughout the years, Metch-Holan has been essential with her unwavering support toward the Texas Polled Hereford Association and Texas Poll-Ettes. If the association needed help with fundraising efforts for scholarships, Metch-Holan would often spearhead a silent auction or be the first to gift a sale heifer. In addition, she has started three different scholarships for the Texas Junior Polled Hereford members. 

Metch-Holan knows an organization is only as good as its members. She recruits new members into the TPHA and Texas Poll-Ettes each year. It is customary for others to see Metch-Holan waltz through the doors of TPHA annual meetings with new faces in tow eager to be enrolled as members.

 Metch-Holan’s commitment to the TPHA royalty has been steadfast in an ever evolving modern world. Because of her, the TPHA has successfully placed young girls into the royalty ambassador position as sweethearts, and they have carried through to being chosen as state queens.

“Being a ray of sunshine with great ideas wherever she goes, Barbara has been indispensable for countless committees across the nation,” Sarah Hamman, TPHA president, said. “We are all lucky to have Barbara in our lives.”