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Certified Hereford Beef® Recognizes Brand Partners

November 3, 2020

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB) honored National Beef Packing, Hen House Markets and US Foods® Atlanta for their commitment to the brand at the American Hereford Association’s (AHA) “Hereford Homecoming” virtual awards ceremony, Oct. 22, during the AHA Annual Membership Meeting and Conference.

“It is with great pride we honor the brand and those who dedicate themselves to the integrity and quality the Hereford breed can provide,” says Amari Seiferman, Certified Hereford Beef president and CEO. “Their time, dedication and service to their customers not only make a difference in the consumer industry, but to the agriculture industry as well.”

Packer of the Year: National Beef Packing

National Beef® Packing was named the 2020 Packer of the Year. This premier beef partner has been a loyal partner of CHB since 2003. National Beef consistently supports the expansion of the brand through innovative marketing, new product launches and customer support. Established in 1992, National Beef delivers high-quality fresh beef, case-ready products and beef by-products to customers in the U.S. and worldwide.

“We are honored to receive the Certified Hereford Beef Packer of the Year award,” says Wes Steimel, National Beef Packing business manager. “The Certified Hereford Beef brand has been a very important part of the National Beef program offering for years, and many of our Certified Hereford Beef customers have been on the program for a decade or more.

“The commitment to the program and the loyalty of CHB customers is what impresses me the most about the program. It’s proof that if you offer a product of high quality and provide a true point of differentiation, you will likely have customers for life. The value to us, as a packer, of having customers send in orders every week for CHB product is incredible. We know for every week we get that business, we don’t have to chase it. It creates consistency for us in operations and in sales.

“The future of the brand is bright. Its value and appeal are relevant in both foodservice and retail. This year has definitely thrown us some curves, but because of the broad value of the program and the commitment of its customer base, it continues to persevere and will continue to grow into the future.”

Retailer of the Year: Hen House Markets

Hen House Markets was awarded the 2020 Retailer of the Year. This local Kansas City grocery store chain, the brand’s longest-standing retail partner, committed to Certified Hereford Beef in 1998 after a four-year, nationwide search for the highest quality beef available.

As a premier, full-service, local, neighborhood supermarket, Hen House Markets has committed nearly 100 years of supporting health, wellness and family in the Kansas City community.

“Working with Certified Hereford Beef has proved to be a great partnership for both of our companies,” says Hen House Markets President David Ball. “The result of these combined efforts is that we offer our customers a premium, upper 2/3rds Choice product that gives us a clear competitive advantage over our competition.

“Our company is excited about the future relationship with Certified Hereford Beef. They are essential for us executing our vision in our meat departments and to our customers’ meat shopping experience.”

Foodservice Distributor of the Year: US Foods® Atlanta

US Foods® Atlanta received the 2020 Foodservice Distributor of the Year award. Brand partners since 2019, the national distributor has been a successful partner of the brand, consistently ranking as a top Certified Hereford Beef volume distributor nationwide since joining the program.
The mid-South division of US Foods® and its 1,200 associates support Georgia’s farmers and ranchers by supplying the market with local, quality products. As one of the most trusted food distributors in the country, US Foods® provides chefs and operators with innovative business tools, services and industry expertise to help restaurants make it.

“Certified Hereford Beef has transformed our go-to-market strategy in the state of Georgia,” says Jonathan Wells, US Foods® category operations manager. “It has given us the ability to differentiate ourselves by offering something different to the marketplace while fulfilling the demand for high-quality beef.

“Connecting the outstanding eating experience with the heartwarming story of American ranchers who raise Certified Hereford Beef has given us a pathway to success.

“Though COVID-19 did delay our plans to take the next step with the Certified Hereford Beef brand, we are still planning to get more customers and team members to our local ranches. This was very impactful for our launch of the brand and we will keep it going so everyone can see the incredible work and care that goes into producing the highest quality beef.”

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