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How to Update your Herd Inventory on MyHerd

May 28, 2020

Follow these steps to update and submit your herd inventory on

  1. Log into MyHerd and click on the “ToDo” task labeled “2020 Fall Herd Inventory Update needed.”
  2. MyHerd populates a list of females expected to calve this fall. Review and update the cow herd inventory.
    • If the populated list is correct, click the “Submit Inventory Billing” button.
    • To make changes to any cows listed, follow the steps below:
      • Click on the line of the female needing to be updated.
      • Click the “Disposal” button for females that were previously sold or culled and give the proper disposal code and date.
      • Click the “Reproductive Status” to mark females as “Next Season” if they’re bred to calve in the spring 2021 season, “Non-Exposed” if they haven’t been exposed to breeding conditions (this code can only be used for first time heifers) or provide a proper calving ease score for females not expected to calve this season.
    • Add new or additional females to the inventory; provide their registration numbers and adding them a herd ID.
    • Review each herd ID, and make corrections. Each female must have a unique herd ID, and it cannot be repeated within the herd.
  3. When the cow inventory list is up-to-date, click the “Submit Inventory Billing” button.
  4. One the “Submit Inventory Billing” button is clicked, the inventory is submitted to the AHA and the charges are billed.