Hereford Burger Wins Burger Competition

January 2, 2020

A Certified Hereford Beef burger recently won top honors in the 3rd annual Murfreesboro Battle of the Burger competition in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

The Burger Bar, located in Mufreesboro and Johnson City, Tenn., created the award-winning “Southern Jam” burger. The prize-winning hamburger featured a Hereford beef patty smothered with house-made beer cheese, pimento cheese and bacon jam, topped with fried onion rings on a potato bun.

The “Southern Jam” Hereford burger beat seven other hamburgers in the competition to take home the title of “Best Burger,” including a Waygu burger and several varieties of Angus burgers.

“What we wanted to do was come up with a burger that was different and balance some sweet and some salty and some crunchy elements to give it a good feel,” says Chef Kevin.

The Burger Bar features a full menu of Certified Hereford Beef burgers, allowing patrons to completely customize their burger to their liking.