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Mershon Cattle Makes Fall 2019 Breeding Decisions

December 19, 2019

Mershon Cattle LLC is a commercial cattle operation with a retained ownership-to-harvest program located in Buckner and Appleton, Mo. Mershon Cattle is an award-winning operation and was named the Beef Improvement Federation Commercial Producer of the Year this past June. The Mershons are passionate about growing their community and bettering the beef industry.

Mershon Cattle has been a participant in the American Hereford Association’s National Reference Sire Program (NRSP) for two years and this year’s spring calves were the first progeny out of NRSP bulls. Partnerships with various test herds like Mershon Cattle allows breeders to make better-informed decisions relative to traits of interest.

This year, Mershon Cattle selected:

  • 43796790 — GO KING E33
  • 43984208 — INNISFAIL ENABLE 4021 1832 ET
  • 43984217 — INNISFAIL ENDORSE 4021 1838 ET
  • 43883551 — RMB 4013 644C CORNBREAD 345F

43636764 — BEHM 100W CUDA 504C will be used as a reference sire.

The NRSP provides Hereford breeders with an opportunity to test young sires in real-world commercial settings. Breeders participating in the NRSP gain high accuracy expected progeny differences (EPDs) and performance data while testing sires next to the top Hereford genetics in the breed.

“This is certainly an exciting group of young sires to test,” says Shane Bedwell, chief operating officer and director of breed improvement. “I look forward to getting quality data from the Mershons.”