Hereford Juniors Compete in National Contests

July 31, 2019

More than 1,179 youth and their families from 38 states gathered at the 20th Annual VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo in Denver, July 6-13, to compete in educational and leadership events in and out of the showring. Juniors competed in more than 20 skill-based contests including extemporaneous speaking, team sales, fitting, livestock judging, photography, a quiz bowl and a cook-off. These contests allow the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) to carry out its mission of leadership and education.

Contest winners are as follows:

Team Fitting

Teams of three work together to fit an animal in 45 minutes and then parade the animal before the judges for evaluation. Sullivan Supply and Stock Show University, Dunlap, Iowa, sponsored the team fitting contest.

    First-place team: Illinois — Stetson Storey, Stockton; Kade Boatman, Rockford; and Noah Benedict, Dewey
    Second-place team: Nebraska — Kaisha Alber, Guide Rock; Matt Bruns, North Platte; and Jake Sellman, Crawford
    Third-place team: Indiana — Maddox Gunn, Greenfield; Collin Deatsman, Leesburg; and Payton Farmer, Brownstown

Illustrated Speech

This is the final level of competition for members who have won their state competitions. The National Hereford Women (NHW) and the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) sponsored the illustrated speech contest.

Peewee participants:

    Augustin Burwell, Cambridge, Ohio; Cora Belle Chapman, Seneca, Ill.; Ella Crane, LaSalle, Ill.; Carly Kolterman, Garland, Neb.; Layna Ottmers, Fredericksburg, Texas; Caden Perry, Tower Hill, Ill.; Sedona Sifford, Goldzein, Va.; Johanna Studer, Frankfort, Kan.; Parker Thomas, Richmond, Ky.; Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas; Kylee Gaston, Bridgeport, Texas; Brynn Kirkpatrick, Olympia, Wis.; Colby Jones, Wamego, Kan.; Wyatt Weaber, Wamego, Kan.; Ella Deford, Jarrettsville, Md.; Lauren Adkerson, Starkville, Miss.; Emma Helsinger, West Manchester, Ohio; Kashlyn Krebs, Gordon, Neb.; Nicholas Jones, Darlington, Wis.; Makenna Smith, Hartford, Wis.; Jayna Blume, Pierre, S.D.; Evlyana Burwell, Zanesvilee, Ohio

    1: Kaylee Lunsford, Fort Scott, Kan.
    2: Kade Boatman, Rockford, Ill.
    3: Dustin Denton, Blue Rapids, Kan.
    1: Wesley Denton, Blue Rapids, Kan.
    2: Sheridan Chaney, Elwood, Neb.
    3: Cade Harris, Saledo, Texas
    1: Bailey Kelton,Yerington, Nev.
    2: Malina Lindstrom, Elm Creek, Neb.
    3: Emily Bernard, Grand Ridge, Ill.

Extemporaneous Speech

Extemporaneous speech is designed to encourage interest in promoting the beef industry and portraying Herefords in a positive image through public speaking. Sponsored by the NHW and the NJHA, this contest helps young people improve their ability to think quickly and accurately before a panel of judges.

    1: Chesney Effling, Highmore, S.D.
    2: Jacob Toombs, Fairplay, Mo.
    3: Haleigh Ferguson, Smithton, Mo.
    1: Malina Lindstrom, Elm Creek, Neb.
    2: Melanie Fishel, Kernersville, N.C.
    3: Schelby Beach, Arlington, Ohio

Promotional Poster

The objective of this contest is for youth to create a poster promoting the current JNHE. The promotional poster competition is sponsored by the NJHA.

    1: Chyloh Billman, Rigby, Idaho
    2: Emma Helsinger, West Manchester, Ohio
    3: Faith Perry, Onaga, Kan.
    1: Gavin Rhode, Stewartsville, Mo.
    2: Tymber Billman, Rigby, Idaho
    3: Blake Kirkpatrick, Olympia, Wash.

Livestock Judging

The judging contest helps youth learn to evaluate cattle through the ranking of four head of livestock based on phenotypic traits. Contest participants evaluated four classes of cattle and answered questions pertaining to two of those classes. Biozyme, Inc. sponsored the livestock judging contest.

Peewee individual:
    1: Lauren Adkerson, Starkville, Miss.
    2: Daniel Richardson, Capron, Ill.
    3: Layna Ottmers, Fredericksburg, Texas
Peewee team:
    1: Illinois – Daniel Richardson, Capron; Karson Sundberg, Mendota; Ryne Allen, Quincy; Stetson Storey, Stockton
    2: Texas – Layna Ottmers, Fredericksburg; John Dauer, Panhandle; Raynee Schacher, Channing; Kylee Gaston, Bridgeport
    3: Kansas – Addison Acheson, Hope; Faith Perry, Onaga; Colby Jones, Wamego; Cooper Weaber, Wamego
Junior individual:
    1: Addison Koontz, Thomas, Okla.
    2: Kendall Boatman, Rockford, Ill.
    3: Collin Deatsman, Leesburg, Ind.
Junior team:
    1: Oklahoma – Addison Koontz, Thomas; Kamryn Oakes, Putnam; Kaylee Lunsford, Fort Scott, Kan.; Cierra Collins, Frederick
    2: Illinois – Kendall Boatman, Rockford; Kesler Collins, Flanagan; Kade Boatman, Rockford; Trevor Crutcher, Montrose
    3: Missouri – Atley Kleinman, Wentworth; Gavin Rhode, Stewartsville; Parker Sissel, Elkland; Jorja Ebert, Holt
Intermediate individual:
    1: Alex Harris, Salado, Texas
    2: Paige Lemenager, Hudson, Ill.
    3: Julia Studer, Frankfort, Kan.
Intermediate team:
    1: Texas – Alex Harris, Salado; Mason Allan, Schulenburg; Ashby Dauer, Panhandle; Brandon Adams, Aquilla
    2: Nebraska – Blake Bruns, ; Fletcher Larson, ; Hannah Pearson, ; Paul J. VanDeWalle
    3: Illinois – Paige Lemenager, Hudson; Morgan Richardson, Capron, Ill.; Ty Bickelhaupt, Mount Carroll; Emma Richardson, Capron
Senior individual:
    1: Jackson Neil, Northfield, Minn.
    2: Rachael Drumm, Winchester, Ky.
    3: Walker Dunn, Cochranton, Pa.
Senior team:
    1: Illinois – Emily Bernard, Grand Ridge; Trevor Bickelhaupt, Mount Carroll; Hailey Bickelhaupt, Mount Carroll; Nick Torrance, Media
    2: Minnesota – Mallory Carlson, Mudrock; Wade Lawrence, Princeton; Jackson Neil, Northfield; Hannah Neil, Northfield
    3: Kansas – Wyatt, Wade and Molly Minihan, Wheaton; Emily Rice
Open individual:
    1: Chade Crane, LaSalle, Ill.
    2: Danny Davis, Maple Hill, Kan.
    3: Kyle McMillan, Tiskilwa, Ill.
Open team:
    1: Illinois – Chade Crane, LaSalle; Kyle McMillan, Tiskilwa; Tom Boatman, Rockford
    2: Kansas – Jarrod Gillig, Blue Rapids; Danny Davis, Maple Hill; Charlene Miller, El Dorado; Daniel Schmidt, Blue Rapids
    3: Arkansas – Lauren, Brandon and Braylen Martin, Judsonia

Hereford Bowl

In the Hereford Bowl competition, each individual is given a written test consisting of 50 questions that cover anything in the agriculture and beef industries along with the Hereford breed. After completing the written test, those who score the highest are put to the ultimate challenge, team against team, in the buzzer round. The competition allows contestants to demonstrate good sportsmanship and provide an educational experience for both participants and spectators. The NJHA sponsored the Hereford Bowl contest.

    Champion junior team: Illinois — Kade and Kendall Boatman, Rockford; Morgan Richardson, Capron, Ill.; Adian Knobloch, Buckingham, Ill.
    Reserve junior team: Wisconsin — Mya Bevan, Platteville; Nick Jones, Darlington; Morgan Firlus, Mauston; and Jordan Lamb, Wilson
    Champion senior team: Illinois — Nick Torrance, Media; Kira Sayre, Arenzville; Molly Biggs, Dixon; and Emma Richardson, Capron
    Reserve senior team: Oklahoma — Parker Cantrell, Collinsville; Riley Huskey, Beggs; Terah Garcia, Tecumseh; and KayAnn Eck, Putnam
    Junior written test winner: Kendall Boatman, Rockford, Ill.
    Senior written test winner: Nick Torrance, Media, Ill.

Team Sales

Teams “sell” any product related to agriculture to a panel of judges by promoting the item in a creative way. This competition emphasizes the importance of communication skills, marketing technique and creative design skills in a real-life sales scenario. The NJHA sponsored the team sales competition.

    First-place peewee team: Texas – Kylee Gaston, Bridgeport; Layna Ottmers, Fredericksburg; and Jarrett Worrell, Mason
    Second-place peewee team: Kansas – Brinley Davis, Maple Hill; Colby Jones, Wamego; and Cooper Weaber, Wamego
    First-place junior team: Kansas – Jase Beltz, Galva; Danica Davis, Maple Hill; and Cally Miller, El Dorado
    Second-place junior team: Oklahoma – Addison Koontz, Thomas; Kamryn Oakes, Putnam; and Hannah Pembrook, Beggs
    Third-place junior team: Missouri – Beau Anne Graves, Chillicothe; Emmalee Mueller, Perryville; and Kristin Waters, Norborne
    First-place intermediate team: Wyoming – Jhett West, Sheridan; Braden West, Sheridan; Saige Ward, Laramie
    Second-place intermediate team: New England – Ashlee Demolles, West Bridgewater, Maine; and Harrison Roberts, Williamsburg, Mass.
    Third-place intermediate team: Kansas – Jalyn Davis, Maple Hill; Jordan Gatz, Fairview; and Lauren Gatz, Fairview

Individual Sales

Sponsored by the NJHA, individual sales allows an individual junior to sell a product to a panel using visual aids and salesmanship skills. A sister competition to Team Sales, this contest gives the junior a glimpse at a real life situation of selling an animal, semen, embryo package or any agricultural related product.

    1: Claire Collins, Frederick, Okla.
    2: Kylee Gaston, Bridgeport, Texas
    3: Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas
    1: Cade Harris, Salado, Texas
    2: Marlyn Pecha, Meno, Okla.
    3: Jhett West, Sheridan, Wyo.
    1: Karley Rayfield, Lubbock, Texas
    2: Jacob Toombs, Fairplay, Mo.
    3: Grant Helsinger, Germantown, Ohio
    1: Melanie Fishel, Kernersville, N.C.
    2: Malina Lindstrom, Elm Creek, Neb.
    3: Madison Katzenberger, Monroe, Wis.

Outstanding State Junior Member

Each state with participants at the JNHE can recognize one member with this award.

    Alabama: Carter St. John, Pell City
    Colorado: Jason Dias, Fort Morgan
    Georgia: Dru Hunt, Madison
    Illinois: Noah Benedict, Dewey
    Indiana: Payton Farmer, Brownstown
    Iowa: Abby Anderlik, Dayton
    Kansas: Wade Minihan, Wheaton
    Kentucky: Taylor Belle Matheny, Mays Lick
    Maryland: Alexis Winkler, Woodbine
    Minnesota: Wyatt Lawrence, Princeton
    Mississippi: Emily Adkerson, Starkville
    Missouri: Jacob Toombs, Fairplay
    Nebraska: Hannah Williams, Kearney
    New Mexico: Holly Pérez, Nara Visa
    North Carolina: Melanie Fishel, Kernersville
    Oklahoma: Parker Cantrell, Collinsville
    Oregon: Cody Morrell, Eugene
    Pennsylvania: Walker Dunn, Cochranton
    South Carolina: Harrison Hutton, Liberty
    South Dakota: Sydney Dvorak, Brookings
    Tennessee: Mason Collins, Lewisburg
    Texas: Ashby Dauer, Panhandle
    Virginia: Sedona Sifford, Goldzein
    Washington: Lauren Balmelli, Chehalis
    Wisconsin: Matt Bowman, Bryant

Certified Hereford Beef® Cook-Off

The Certified Hereford Beef Cook-Off is an event in which each state assembled a team of six members and presented a recipe to a panel of judges. The purpose of the Cook-Off is to promote Certified Hereford Beef and the benefits beef provides to a healthy diet. The NHW, Certified Hereford Beef and the Indiana Junior Hereford Association sponsored the Cook-Off.

    First-place team: Kansas 3 – Dustin Denton, Blue Rapids; Dakota Gillig, Blue Rapids; Kinsley Gillig, Blue Rapids; Will Meinhardt, Marysville; and Callie Schmidt, Blue Rapids
    Second-place team: Texas 2 – Kayce Lopez, Fort Worth; Keyser Ottmers, Fredericksburg; Layna Ottmers, Fredericksburg; Jarrett Worrell, Mason; Fisher Bradley, Mason
    Third-place team: Indiana – Zach Strueh, Zionsville; Maddox Gunn, Greenfield; Dylan Kottkamp, Clayton; Colin Deatsman, Leesburg; Kylie McFatridge, Otterbein


Juniors submit photos to a panel of judges for review. The NJHA and Hereford Publications Inc. co-sponsor the photography contest.

Hereford Cattle
    1: Cora Belle Chapman, Seneca, Ill.
    2: Brinley Davis, Maple Hill, Kan.
    3: Caroline Lee, Wellington, Ill.
    1: Ella Crane, LaSalle, Ill.
    2: Cora Belle Chapman, Seneca, Ill.
    3: Kian Morris, Wilber, Neb.
    1: Caroline Lee, Wellington, Ill.
    2: Kylee Gaston, Bridgeport, Texas
    3: Jarrett Worrell, Mason, Texas
Hereford Cattle
    1: Dustin Denton, Blue Rapids, Kan.
    2: Kendall Boatman, Rockford, Ill.
    3: Piper Colyer, Bruneau, Idaho
    1: Nolan Lee, Wellington, Ill.
    2: Waylon Lee, Wellington, Ill.
    3: Piper Colyer, Bruneau, Idaho
    1: Waylon Lee, Wellington, Ill.
    2: Dustin Denton, Blue Rapids, Kan.
    3: Trevor Crutcher, Montrose, Ill.
Hereford Cattle
    1: Jalyn Davis, Maple Hill, Kan.
    2: Abigail Billing, Greendell, N.J.
    3: Garrett Markey, Watkinsville, Ga.
    1: Rianna Chaney, Elwood, Neb.
    2: Abigail Lewis, Palmyra, Neb.
    3: Molly Biggs, Dixon, Ill.
    1: Kiley Allan, Lemars, Iowa
    2: Sydney Mitchell, Waterville, Minn.
    3: Rhett McMillen, Walnut Grove, Mo.
Hereford Cattle
    1: Hannah Tremaine, Oconomowoc, Wis.
    2: Schelby Beach, Arlington, Ohio
    3: Wyatt Minihan, Wheaton, Kan.
    1: Wyatt Minihan, Wheaton, Kan.
    2: Blair Steele, Mercer, Pa.
    3: Abby Anderlik, Dayton, Iowa
    1: Molly Minihan, Wheaton, Kan.
    2: Calah Covey, Hamill, S.D.
    3: Ashton McMillen, Walnut Grove, Mo.